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One Day In LA: A Travel Guide For Wellness, The Angeleno Way


24 hours in Los Angeles is barely enough time to experience a single stretch of traffic on the 405, let alone explore the wonders of the wellness community that the city has become known for. “A yoga-class-slash-sound-bath? How LA.”

Don’t let that deter you, though. With some strategic planning, you can see the sights, squeeze in a sweat sesh, and soothe your soul in a single day trip — it might just mean doing all three at the same time (which, in LA, is the norm).

First stop: fuel up for the day at Sqirl in Los Angeles’ Silver Lake neighborhood. The self-described “bacon serving but vegan friendly” restaurant is famous for its inventive, delicious, and somehow-still-healthy dishes. The Avocado Toast may sound basic, but with hot pickled carrots on top, it’s anything but.

Mid-morning is the best time to hike Runyon Canyon, LA’s most popular place to sweat and be seen. What awaits at the tip of the trail’s 3.3 mile loop is something you can’t get anywhere else: a sweeping view of the Los Angeles Hills and sightings of celebrities that inhabit the mansions of said Hills. Be prepared to selfie.

Recharge with a pit stop at Moon Juice Café for the Power Dusted Latte: a nut milk latte blended with an adaptogenic blend of superherbs and supermushrooms guaranteed to lower stress levels and boost physical endurance.

Of course, you haven’t truly experienced LA’s fitness community without experiencing SoulCycle. Stop by the Hollywood location to clip in and ride with the company that gave the stationary bike spiritual significance. As you pedal to Beyoncé and Beiber in the dark, a SoulCycle instructor pushes you to your physical limits and motivates you with sayings like, “Live your life! Love your life! Dance through the bullshit!” Trust me, you’ve never gotten more from a cardio workout.

Dinner at Café Gratitude will give you time to reflect on your 24-hour journey through Los Angeles. The vegan restaurant’s dishes are all named after affirmations — so to order the Kale Caesar Salad, you say to your waiter, “I Am Dazzling.” (Hell yeah, you are.)

Wind down with a “Yin, Breathe, Sit” yoga class at Wanderlust Hollywood. One part restorative Yin postures, one part Pranayama breathwork, and one part meditation is the perfect recipe for mind-body-soul balance.

“How LA,” you say? That’s right.

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