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This Ancient Facial Massage Technique Is Even Better Than Jade Rolling

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If you’re interested in skincare, you’re probably familiar with jade rollers — you know, those tools carved out of crystals and shaped like mini paint rollers, inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine and designed to help decrease facial puffiness. If you’re really interested in skincare, you may even own a gua sha — a flat, polished crystal used to “scrape” the skin and aid in lymphatic drainage. Now, meet the Kansa Wand: It’s Ayurveda’s answer to facial massage, and it’s nearly 5,000 years old (so you know it’s good).

For those new to Ayurveda, here’s a little backstory: It’s a centuries-old Indian healing system that prioritizes daily maintenance of the mind, body, and soul. It recognizes three doshas, or mind-body types, each of which has distinct needs, imbalances, dietary guidelines, and suggested wellness practices. Everyone embodies qualities of all three doshas, with one or two being dominant, and the goal is to bring your doshas into balance.

Many of Ayurveda’s super-popular daily practices (like drinking hot lemon water in the morning and tongue scraping) are tri-doshic — in other words, they help everyone stay in balance. One of my favorite tri-doshic Ayurvedic offerings? The Kansa Wand.

Kansa Wand

Ayurvedic Facial/Body Massage

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In general, facial massage techniques (like jade rolling and gua sha) stimulate circulation and drain the lymphatic system, resulting in smoother, plumper, clearer skin. Kansa wands do that, too, but they also offer so much more.

Kansa is a blend of copper and tin that’s considered to be a sacred metal in India, one that’s thought to have energetic healing properties (similar to metal sound healing bowls). Since Kansa is a conductor, massaging your face, body, and feet with Kansa will supposedly tune your chakras and balance your energy, “amplifying the body’s natural bio-electrical network.” Yes, please!

Magic material aside, the massage action is really where it’s at. Kansa facial massage (which is outlined below) is designed to hit the face’s “marma points,” or energy points, to relieve stress and cleanse the lymphatic system.


Radiant Rose Glow Serum

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A regular Kansa practice has some serious skincare benefits, too. The massaging motion reduces puffiness and redness, and minimizes the appearance of fine lines (thanks to increased circulation). It works deep under the skin to relieve congestion, so that your congested sinuses don’t lead to congested pores. Through lymphatic drainage, Kansa massage releases toxins and acidity to balance the skin’s pH levels.

Kansa-curious? First, apply oil to your face. Something gentle, like jojoba or castor oil, is recommended. Next, you’re going to use a series of swirling and swiping motions at different “marma points” on the face to ensure effective detoxification. The traditional massage steps can be a little confusing to follow, so if all else fails, focus on twirling your Kansa Wand around your eyes, in front of your ears, and at the base of your jaw — it can be that easy!

Here’s a more detailed approach:

Step 1: Take your Kansa Wand and place it in the center of your forehead. Move it in clockwise circles from the center of your head to your right temple.

Step 2: Once you reach your right temple, run it in smooth strokes back and forth between your temple and the inner corner of your eye.

Step 3: Next, move the Kansa wand in large circles around your right eye — up above the brow bone and down around the socket.

Step 4: From there, use smooth strokes to take the Kansa Wand from the side of your nose, down below the cheekbone, up to the right ear, and back again.

Step 5: Move the Wand in clockwise circles in front of your ear.

Step 6: Then, use long strokes back and forth along your jawline, between your ear and your chin.

Step 7: Move the Wand in clockwise circles in the center of your chin.

Step 8: Repeat on the other side of your face.

Step 9: Finally, run the Kansa Wand in long, smooth strokes down the sides of your neck to finish the massage.

Step 10: Once you’re done, don’t forget to rinse off your Kansa Wand with a non-chemical soap and water. Pat it dry before storing.

Even though I own a jade roller and a gua sha, I find myself reaching for my Kansa Wand way more often than either of these popular facial massage tools. I think it just comes down to personal connection and preference: This particular massage pattern is so meditative and relaxing; it’s truly a two-in-one body and soul experience. And it might be my imagination, but I swear the magic metal is glow-inducing.

Additionally, the twirling motion of Kansa massage can be used to relieve tension all over the body — including the bottoms of the feet, which feels divine. Ahead, shop Nécessité’s favorite Kansa wand.

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