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Top 3 Wellness Destinations For A Holistic Vacation

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Whether you’re headed to one of the below wellness resorts, or DIY-ing your own holistic escape, we’ve culled together some key pieces to pack in your suitcase with you. Because who said self-care doesn’t include looking stylish?

Mii Amo Sedona

Self-described as a “refuge from a world that can all too easily throw you off balance. A sanctuary where you can journey inside, back to the quiet, rooted spaces of your soul and once again find peace,” Mii Amo is a locale with a very chic client list. Set within the soaring red rock backdrop of Sedona, Arizona, guests are invited to participate in three-, four- or seven-night all-inclusive “Journeys” with world class therapists. If the resort’s gorgeous grounds don’t tempt you, the plethora of wellness activities will definitely get you to pull the trigger.

BodyHoliday Saint Lucia

Set on a secluded cove of a stunning white sand beach at the edge of the Caribbean Sea, surrounded by tropical gardens and rainforest, BodyHoliday Saint Lucia is the ultimate getaway for wellness lovers. The insanely incredible wellness center is the home of 33 treatment rooms, approximately 50 therapists, a state-of-the-art gym and swimming pool, and a gorgeous Ayurvedic pavilion with arched walkways and pillars. From Ashtanga yoga and chanting meditation sessions to full body massages and intense workout classes, this place is a heaven for the holistic-minded.

Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

Most people think of all-day beach parties and string bikinis when they think of Miami, but this wellness resort is the perfect place to escape and indulge in some self-care activities. Carillon Miami boasts an authentic approach to health, wellness and complete well-being and offers innovative treatments and healing therapies featuring industry leading health and medical professionals. With over 20 weekly fitness classes, a two-story indoor rock wall, and an ocean view exercise floor it’s the perfect place to break a sweat.


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