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A Beginner’s Guide To Crystals

crystals on a table

Crystals are experiencing a surge in popularity right now, but their healing powers are as old as time. Civilizations as far back as ancient Egypt relied on crystal energy as a tool for clearing spiritual, emotional, and mental blocks; however, modern society is home to significantly more skeptics. There are plenty of people who doubt that these shiny little rocks can really do anything — and to them I say, you do you. As for me, I’m totally on board with the whole crystal healing thing.

There’s actually scientific evidence to prove parts of the crystal healing theory, and it all has to do with vibration. Studies have shown that all natural substances vibrate at a specific frequency: The human brain vibrates at around 13 Hertz, and the body vibrates at 62 Hertz — and every human ailment, whether it’s a stressed mind or sick body, brings down the vibration of our being as a whole.

However, gemstones vibrate at exponentially higher rates — quartz alone clocks in at 32,768 Hertz — and the theory is that the “high vibe” characteristics of crystals can raise our “low vibe” problems to heal whatever it is that ails us.

Each crystal vibrates on a different level to offer unique healing properties. The closer it is to your physical body, the more its vibrations can mingle with yours — which is why crystals are such popular home décor and jewelry items. Some women even wear crystals in their bras to keep the magic close!

If you’re interested in experimenting with these energetic stones, start with the following six. They make up the foundation of every great crystal collection.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is one of the most powerful substances on the planet — and science agrees. Because it generates and regulates electromagnetic energy, it’s often used in electronics like watches and cameras. In terms of healing, this is a universal stone that balances the body and immune system, and brings the chakras into alignment. It improves focus and concentration, and connects you to your higher self. It also amplifies the qualities of any other crystals sharing its space.

Rose Quartz

A pretty pink member of the quartz family, rose quartz is known as the stone of love. But it’s not just romantic love that this crystal facilitates — it opens you up to love in all of its forms (self-love, friendship, family love). It also aids in compassion and forgiveness, and connects you to the Universe on a soul level. Rose quartz gives off positive energy, and is even said to boost fertility.


This purple geode is one of the most eye-catching crystals on earth, and also one of the most calming. Keeping it close melts away stress and anxiety, strengthens your intuition, and promotes positivity. Amethyst is also a great protector, as it guards your energetic field. (For this reason, I used to keep a piece on my desk at work to help me deal with negative coworkers — and it helped!)


Turquoise is the crystal of communication. It clears blockages in the throat chakra, empowers you to speak up without fear, and aids in truthful self-expression. Ancient Egyptians also used this stone as a protective amulet, to ward off negative influences and promote mind-body-soul balance.


Want to call in abundance? Then pick up a piece of golden citrine. Not only does it boost self-confidence and creativity, it also helps manifest wealth. Use it to bring about all kinds of abundance, from financial success to loads of love.


Every woman should have a moonstone in her personal collection. It carries the energy of the Divine Feminine, so it can help you set your inner Goddess free. Moonstone also strengthens your intuition and psychic abilities — and rumor has it that a little bit of this can even soothe the symptoms of PMS!

You can call on these crystals one at a time, or bring them all together in a sacred space in your home. (They look particularly pretty styled in a jewelry dish, in my opinion.) Whether you just like to look at them or actively incorporate crystals into your meditation practice, their good vibes are sure to boost your mood — even if you’re a skeptic at first.

Photo Credit: @thecolourfuldot

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