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The Summer Detox Guide

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Our favorite summer holiday is officially behind us, which means it’s time to get back into our healthy routine. If you, like me, spent Independence Day sipping rosé and noshing on as many pieces of BBQ one can get their hands on—then a summer detox is pretty much just what the doctor ordered.

Whether you’re detoxing all your 4th of July sins away or just looking for a healthy reboot for the season ahead, here are a few ways to hit reset on your wellness routine and wake up feeling like the best version of yourself.

Lemon Water Fast

After speaking to her friend producer Lee Daniels, our very own Erica Reid decided to take on the lemon water fast to recalibrate her system. It helps provide Vitamin C and minerals and helps combat constipation, kidney stones, toxins in your liver, and improves skin, weight, and your pH balance. You can also add a little turmeric to your lemon water if you’d like as it has amazing anti-inflammatory properties.

Epsom Salt Bath

Yes, you read that right. Taking a salt bath is one of our favorite ways to detox for very obvious reasons. The sulfates in the Epsom salts draws out toxins from the body and feet, while the warm water will simultaneously ease muscle and joint pain, making it one of the most relaxing ways to kickstart your new wellness journey.

Alkalize Your Diet

Summer is soirée season which can often leave you with an acidic gut. This means inflammation, weight gain, fatigue, headaches, bloating, insomnia and sometimes illness. To get your body back to its natural and healthy balance make sure you include lots of leafy greens, fresh veggies and plantbased protein in every single meal.


Detoxing doesn’t just concern our diets. Our mental health also has a lasting effect on how your body operates. Endotoxins can result from negative thoughts, emotions, and stress which is why meditation is so incredibly important. Take at least 20 minutes each day to sit down in a quiet space to clear your mind. You will be astonished by the results.

It’s never too late to recalibrate your system! We recommend starting whenever you feel like you need to hit the refresh button. What are some of your favorite ways to detox? Share with us in the comments below!


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