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The Ultimate Guide To The Perfect NYC Summer

Museum room

There’s nothing quite like summertime in NYC. Even if the season turns the streets into a giant sauna, the city becomes its most joyous and alive.

From rooftop hangs to music concerts, museums to outdoor movies, there is not shortage of events and activities to partake in. The real problem stems from trying to decide which one to choose. Whether you’re currently residing in the greatest city in the world or just headed to NYC for a week-long vacation, here’s your ultimate guide to the perfect NYC summer.

Movies in the Park

This is one of those activities that make New York summers so special. There’s nothing quite like catching a flick in the great outdoors while sipping a glass of rosé. Each year the city puts on a ton of different movies in different parks for everyone to enjoy for FREE! Check out the schedule here to see what films are still playing.

Rooftop Bars

Another great thing about living in the concrete jungle is the amazing city views that can be seen from pretty much any rooftop. Perhaps you’re blessed with a private one of your own, but if you’re not, Refinery Rooftop and Gallow Green are definitely two of our favorites.

Concerts in the Park

Prospect Park’s Bandshell and Central Park’s SummerStageboast some of the biggest music acts all summer long. What’s incredible is that a lot of these concerts are completely free. And since they take place in a park, feel free to picnic on the grass. Again, one of the many things that make New York summers so epic. Check the schedule here.

Beach Days

Take it from a California native, New York has some pretty amazing beaches. Take the Long Island Railroad to Montauk or Fire Island if you’re looking to get away from it all, or take a shorter trek to Jones Beach or Jacob Riis which are also totally lovely.


For days when it’s simply too hot to be outside the Guggenheim, the Met, or the Whitney museums are all top choices to escape the heat. The Whitney typically has their Biennial show (one of the top contemporary art shows in the nation) during this time, so be sure to check that out.

Festivals & Parades

From weekly food festivals like Smorgasburg to annual ones like Coney Island’s Mermaid Parade or the chic Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor’s Island, nearly every weekend seems to be booked by something eclectic and exciting.

There are a million and one things to do in NYC, but the best time to go (in my opinion) in during the summer. Sure the heat may be unbearable, but the abundance of one-of-a-kind activities make it all worth it.

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