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Are You Wearing Cotton Granny Panties? You Should Be

Woman lounging in her undergarments

Panties are a polarizing topic. Some women swear by the sex appeal and pantyline-less allure of thongs. Others prefer a full-coverage lace hip-hugger, because “who would want to give themselves a wedgie all day?” Still others are into the look and feel of satin — it’s just so comfortable. 

But I have some bad news for women who regularly wear any of the above: You’re doing it wrong. According to experts, thongs and non-cotton materials can actually cause UTIs, yeast infections, and other, uh, intimate irritations… making cotton granny panties the healthiest option available.

What’s Wrong With Thongs?

Warning: It’s about to get a little graphic up in here. While thongs may look super sexy, the issues they can cause are anything but. For one, a too-tight thong can give you a rash between the cheeks (especially if you’re working out in a thong). Rashes can lead to infection, can lead to a very uncomfortable doctor’s appointment.

Thongs are also very likely to move back and forth as you go about your day, kind of like dental floss. The problem with this is that thongs have been known to transfer bacteria (like E.Coli) from the behind to the vagina. If you’re prone to yeast infections, this could be the culprit— E.Coli is the leading cause. (That’s why you’re supposed to wipe from front to back, after all.)

What’s Wrong With Satin and Lace?

If you’re a fan of full-coverage underwear anyway, that’s great! But if your go-to pairs are made out of lace, satin, or any material other than cotton, you may be asking for an infection. Here’s what’s happening: There’s a lot of bacteria down there, and a lot of vaginal fluid, too. If you’re not wearing a breathable fabric — i.e., cotton — that moisture gets trapped, and bacteria loves to settle into a damp environment. This is a leading cause of UTIs.

But My Panties Have A Cotton Crotch! Is That OK?

Cotton crotch underwear seems like the ultimate answer, no? No. Even if your lace and satin panties boast a breathable cotton crotch, chances are, it’s really not that breathable. Typically, undergarments with a cotton crotch only feature a cotton lining on the inside — the outer layer is still made of satin, lace, or whatever other fabric. Sadly, moisture and bacteria can still get trapped between the layers, resulting in a UTI or yeast infection.  

The Moral Of The Story?

Embrace the cotton granny panty look as often as possible. Hey, Carrie Bradshaw made it sexy — so can you.

Photo Credit: @thegreateros

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