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Is Mascara Out?

woman getting makeup done
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In the quest for “no-makeup makeup” — you know, makeup that’s supposed to look like you’re not wearing anything at all — mascara has always been one of the few cosmetic essentials that makes the cut. Low-key ladies will swipe on a coat of Maybelline Great Lash, maybe add a bit of blush, and end with a lip stain for a no-fuss face. But if the latest Fashion Week runways are any indication, mascara just may be a thing of the past.

Designers including Michael Kors, Proenza Schouler, and Jonathan Simkhai all opted to leave model’s lashes bare for their FW19 runway shows… and while two can be a coincidence, three definitely makes it a trend. Consider this your official notification: The no mascara look is in.

On the runway, the result was fresh-faced, free-spirited, and surprisingly chic — but don’t think this style is just for runway models. It’s super wearable in real life, too, as evidenced by the countless women who’ve pledged allegiance to the look of bare lashes. Proof: Influencer and beauty brand founder Allison McNamara regularly posts makeup tutorials that feature bold eyeshadow sans mascara; she says she just doesn’t like the aesthetic of long, fake-looking eyelashes.

Beauty industry trendsetter Into the Gloss recently posted an editorial featuring eight (fabulous) mascara-less makeup looks, which commenters praised with words like “effortless,” “elegant,” and “more no mascara makeup please!” Cindy Crawford just revealed that she regularly skips mascara on her bottom lashes — and if anyone knows how to start a beauty trend, it’s the iconic Cindy Crawford. 

That doesn’t mean you have to neglect your lashes entirely. Many mascara-free converts opt to simply curl their lashes instead, which helps open up the eye area and give you that wide-awake look. 

Ere Perez

Carrot Color Pot-Hello

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Opting out of mascara also opens up the opportunity to play with another product. Try bare lashes plus a bold red lip for your next date night, or soften up a shimmery smokey eye by leaving your lashes out of it — think eye-catching but not overdone.

Besides the trendy aesthetic, there’s definitely something to be said for skipping a superfluous step in your makeup routine on busy mornings. But the number one reason to give up the Great Lash? Sans mascara, you don’t have to worry about a case of late afternoon “racoon eyes” sneaking up on you ever again. 

Photo Credit: Sonny Vandevelde /

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