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The Best Facials in Los Angeles

Woman getting a facial

Los Angeles often gets a bad rap for being superficial, which is understandable — it’s home to Hollywood, after all — but there is an upside to all that focus on appearances. Namely, the city is home to some of the best facials in the country.

Many experts recommend getting a facial every four to six weeks — but that’s not always doable for busy women and moms on the move, and chances are, you’re long overdue for some skin lovin’. If you’re vacationing in LA (or if you live in the city and want to treat yourself to a stay-cation), take the opportunity to spoil your skin with a celeb-worthy treatment. Benefits include fewer breakouts, even tone and texture, deeper treatment of problem areas, and a baby-smooth, freshly-exfoliated pores. Plus, the relaxing facial massage at the end of every session eases tension in the face (which helps eliminate fine lines) and puts you in a zen-like state. Which is exactly what vacation is all about, right?

No LA experience is complete without pampering yourself just a little bit, and these five can’t-miss facials are the perfect way to do it. 

Skin Camp Detox Facial

You may already be familiar with Skin Gym, an online brand known for bringing facial massage tools to the masses. Their jade rollers and Gua Sha crystals are iconic (and definitely belong in your at-home skincare collection), and now, the brand has an IRL location in LA. The recently opened Skin Camp offers “a workout for your face” — in other words, the treatments focus on facial massage to “tone” the muscles in your cheeks and jaw area, resulting in a more sculpted appearance. 

You can book sessions in 15-, 30-, or 45-minute increments, so they’re perfect for women on the go. (LA residents can even squeeze in a quickie facial on a lunch break.) In my opinion, you should linger a little longer for the 45-minute detox, though; which includes a deep clean, extractions, High-Frequency treatment, and a jade roller massage for just $80.

Therapeutic Skin Coach Personalized Facial

If you’re into holistic wellness, skip the spa in favor of aesthetician Hayley Wood’s private facial treatments. She’s known as the Therapeutic Skin Coach, and her services are completely individualized to you — there’s not a standard menu of options to pick from — and Wood will assess your skin and determine what you need upon meeting. You can expect a facial full of all-natural skincare products, gentle lymphatic massage, and personalized tips on how to care for your skin at home for $275. Book in advance — Wood’s calendar fills up quickly. 

Olympic Spa Clearwhite Clarifying Facial

LA’s cult-favorite Olympic Spa is a Korean spa complete with hot tubs, cold pools, saunas, and heated rooms to relax in. Book the Clearwhite Clarifying facial ($110), which includes all-day access to the spa’s amenities.

This particular facial is low-key (read: not fancy) and focuses on extractions, so it’s a must for those with congested pores or acne-prone skin. During the treatment, the aesthetician collects all of the “gunk” she’s extracted from your skin on a cloth (ew) and lets you sneak a peek at the end of the facial — and if seeing what’s been building up in your pores isn’t motivation for you to start booking regular appointments, I don’t know what is.

Alexandra Wagner Skincare White Tiger CBD Facial

Los Angeles is known for its love of all things chill and relaxing, and Venice Beach aesthetician Alexandra Wagner has capitalized on that by adding a new CBD Facial, $350, to her spa service list. 

The treatment includes Wagner’s standard facial accented with medical grade CBD skincare products, which are filled with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory qualities to help keep your face smooth, calm, and young-looking. Bonus: CBD relieves stress, eases pain, and promotes relaxation — as if a 75-minute facial wasn’t relaxing enough. 

Terranea Resort Renewed Youth Facial

Why stop by Terranea Resort for a single facial when you could spend your entire vacation here? The resort, located just outside of LA in beachside Rancho Palos Verdes, is a veritable wellness getaway in and of itself. It features an oceanside yoga studio, outdoor cycling classes, a handful of healthy (and delicious) restaurants on the grounds, and — best of all — a world-class spa.

Opt for the Renewed Youth Facial, which is essentially a 90-minute face mask session. The aesthetician will deeply cleanse your skin, apply a series of three masks to target different concerns, and even massage your feet while the face masks set. Afterwards, you’re handed a fluffy robe to lounge in for as long as you please — the lounge area overlooks the Pacific, so you’ll never want to leave. ($230)

Even if you’re not planning an LA getaway anytime soon, consider this your self-care reminder for wherever you are: Book yourself a facial ASAP. You deserve it.


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