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How To Manifest The Life You Want


Ever since The Secret made mainstream waves, people everywhere have been wanting to know more about how one can actually manifest themselves into living the life they want (myself included). But it’s not just about closing your eyes, concentrating, and making a wish. There are methods to the magic—and you actually have more control over your outcome than you think.

Get clear.

Before you can really manifest anything, you need to clear your space and energy—and be super clear on what you actually want. Set up an area in your home that is quiet, where you can think and meditate free from distractions. Clear the energy by smudging the space—starting from the entranceway, moving in a clockwise direction across the room. While seated, with your feet touching the ground, take several deep breaths (inhale for six seconds, exhale for six seconds) until you feel that your inner chatter has quieted down. 

Get specific.

In order to properly manifest what you want in life, you need to get specific with your goals. Setting incredibly clear and detailed intentions are an integral part of the process. When you sit and think about your dream life, what exactly does it look like? How does it feel? What’s it like when your resolution becomes a reality? 

Set small, attainable goals.

Write down everything you want to achieve via journal or vision board—and jot down all of the little steps that you need to get there. Be it classes you need to enroll in, skills you need to develop, or funds that you need to start squirreling away, outline the things you need to do to get your ducks in a row. Look over that list daily, weekly, or monthly—just to make sure you are staying on track.

Keep going.

There will be moments when you hit an obstacle or doubts start to creep in—it’s important that you just keep on pushing forward. Nothing worth having ever comes easy, so don’t let your inner critic determine your future. Surround yourself with cheerleaders and fill up on positive self-talk. Take baby steps until you reach your final destination.

Photo Credit: @alice_gao

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