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5 Health Benefits of Matcha


From lattes to muffins you’d be hard pressed to find a coffee shop that doesn’t serve matcha (in some way) these days. But there’s good reason behind the buzz. Aside from being totally delectable, matcha is also packed with a heaping of health benefits. 

The finest matcha hails from Japan, where the leaves have held a central part in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, but it’s popularity in the West has most certainly hit an all-time high. But it’s so much more than a mainstay on Starbuck’s menu.

For one, it is chock-full of antioxidants.

Matcha is rich in a class of plant compounds called catechins, as well as polyphenols. These compounds act as natural antioxidants and have been known to reduce cell damage and prevent chronic diseases, as well as regulating blood sugar, reducing blood pressure, and promoting anti-aging and weight loss. (More on that later.) Meaning it’s healthier than your daily cup of coffee.

It reduces bad cholesterol.

Matcha is high in a catechin called EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) which, according to a 2016 review of studies, seriously reduces bad cholesterol (often called “LDL”), which is the type of buildup of fatty acids in the arteries.

It gives you energy.

This delicious green tea also has about three times as much caffeine as most other types of brewed teas – almost as much as coffee. BUT, the major benefit here is that matcha, unlike coffee, will give you a smooth sense of alertness (instead of the jitters), and won’t give you the caffeine crash we all love to hate.

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It can promote weight loss.

Studies also show that green tea (matcha included) can help speed up your metabolism to increase the amount of energy you spend and boost your body’s fat burning powers. It also tends to be more filling than a cup of coffee or regular brewed tea.

And, it may even ward off cancer.

The powerful antioxidant in matcha (remember we talked aboutEGCG earlier) has also been tied to cancer prevention. Though it should be stated that the tests thus far have been via test-tube, it appears that the EGCG may actually inhibit cancer cell growth by killing malignant cells. Which is seriously amazing news.

Matcha may be the latest buzzy beverage, but the hype is well deserved. And if you’re looking for some ridiculously good matcha to add to your pantry, we highly recommend you check out Morihata International’s Sei Classic Grade Organic Matcha, like, now.





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