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Eucalyptus: 1 Ingredient, 3 Ways

Eucalyptus in a glass jar

Undoubtedly, a precious commodity in all its forms- whether it be a single leaf, a drop of oil, a dab of ointment, or a deep breath of invigorating inhalant, eucalyptus is here to help. With antioxidant, antiseptic, and aromatic properties in its back-pocket, this pain-relieving, fever-reducing decongestant i​s j​am-packed with ​c​alcium, magnesium, tannins, which reduce inflammation, ​eucalyptol, which ​possesses anti-anxiety properties​, and flavonoids, which ​protect against ​certain types of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and even dementia​.

Eucalyptus has been ​shown to simultaneously treat stress and fatigue, as well as decrease pain when inhaled.​ So if reducing stress, fatigue, and pain sounds like something you might be interested in exploring, ​you needn’t book a flight ‘the land down under’ in order to bask in the invigorating splendor of the eucalyptus leaf- simply ​sign yourself up for an at-home herbal steam treatment.

Eucalyptus Steam Treatment:

Drop one or two eucalyptus leaves into a tea kettle filled with a few cups of water and bring that baby to a boil. Of course, exercise caution when handling the hot kettle and place it on a stable surface or inside the safety of your kitchen sink. Throw a towel over your head, remove the lid, and slowly inhale and exhale as the sacred steam clears both your senses and your sinuses in one fell swoop! Have a few leaves left over? Throw them into a hot bath and soak away any remaining stress.

Eucalyptus Potpourri:

Hang a few fresh eucalyptus leaves (along with a few of your favorite fragranced herbs or flower petals) in a dark closet or cabinet and leave to dry until they appear crumble-ready. Throw them all into a covered container and mix well before placing the container back into a dark space again for around 4-6 weeks. When the time feels right, shake the container vigorously and voila-you’ll officially be a eucalyptus-potpourri-making-machine.

Eucalyptus Fabric Softener:

Begin by adding eucalyptus leaves and/or oil to a glass mason jar. Next, fill up the jar with white vinegar and tightly close the lid. Set aside the jar for one week in order to allow time for infusion. Strain the contents of the glass jar and pour the mixture into a fresh clean jar. Add a teaspoon or two of your fabulously fresh fabric softener into the proper compartment of your washing machine (or really let loose and add it straight into the washing machine). The result? A laundry experience that actually decreases your stress for once!

So whether your serving yourself up a well-deserved self-care steam session, getting fancy with some spectacular smelling (and extremely affordable) potpourri, or just throwing a load of laundry into the wash, by adding a little eucalyptus into the mix, you’ll shed some stress, not to mention, you, your house, and your laundry will all smell simply sensational.

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