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Can “Ingesting” Crystals Benefit Your Health?

crystal sitting on a table

Crystals have become a veritable trend in the beauty and wellness space. Which begs the question: How exactly do these metaphysical gemstones impact our health and wellness?

It is a tricky topic since there arent many studies to back the claims,begins Nadia Musavvir , Los Angeles- and Chicago-based Naturopathic doctor. But ample anecdotal evidence exists personally and via her patients attesting to their mysterious healing effects.

Typically the subtle energetic shifts are most noticeable emotionally and mentally,she continues. She explains that crystals and gems exude energy frequencies that can match those of our cells. As an example, she points to Shungite Stone and Yarrow flower essence, both of which have been found to neutralize the effects of environmental EMFs. (

To be crystal clear, though, you wont be doing yourself any favors by consuming ground up rocks. Why? Because they are best administered homeopathically. Where the essence is what is left and the physical element has been diluted,she says. In fact, it is when the frequencies emitted by healing stones like amethyst, rose quartz, red jasper, and more, are imprinted upon a conduit (i.e. a skincare formula, food item, or water) that we are best prepared receive their benefits.

Celebrity aesthetician Elina Fedotova explains that bio-imprinting is a technique to properly do so. According to Fedotova, Dr. Yuri Kron invented a standardized technological process on how to capture an energetic pattern from [one substance] and transfer it to [another].

All substances possess bio-energetic signatures from humans, to plants, to gemstones, to crystals. By bio-imprinting their frequencies onto mediums, we are able to apply their healing impact onto our physical and energetic bodies. Citing research by Samuel Hahnemahn, Dr. Edward Bach, and Kron, experts are beginning to substantiate claims that crystals can promote healing at the subtle, cellular levels.

Dont roll your eyes, just yet: There is compelling evidence from alternative doctor Masaru Emoto that subtle energy fields namely, human consciousness impact waters cellular structure. Emoto photographed the vibrational effects of positive and negative states on the molecular structure of water, which formed unique crystalline patterns in the presence of each influence. Those associated with wellness yielded organized, snowflake-like images, while discordant sentiments appeared in jagged and chaotic clusters. 

Several beauty and wellness companies currently rep crystal extract-infused merch. Rock Grace is bridging the wellness-beauty gap with wine-alternative beverages featuring stress-reducing adaptogens and crystal-extract blends including a launch designed especially for the new moon. Founder and CEO Anne Hulett designed the enhanced water product to transport the healing powers of crystals straight into our bodies. 

Here is some serious food for thought. We just learned that water serves as the ideal conduit for imprinting and transmitting the chi of crystals. Considering we are made up of roughly 50-65% water, your third eyes” should be tingling right about now. (

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