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Tracee Ellis Ross Promises Natural Hair Overdue Inclusion In The Beauty Industry

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Undoubtedly influenced by her mother’s legendary locks, Black-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross just launched Pattern Beauty, a haircare line exclusively designed to meet the hair care needs of the “curly, coily, and dense-textured hair community.”

“There is a community of beautiful, diverse, extraordinary people that have gravity-defying curls, coils and tight textures that are not supported by the beauty industry, and there is a lack in that space,” Ellis Ross recently told Seth Meyers on The Late Show.

But thanks to Tracee Ellis Ross, women of color are finally being presented with innovative products personalized for their natural hair’s unique needs- needs that Ellis Ross feels have otherwise been grossly overlooked by the beauty industry.

A Labor of Love

A project she’s felt passionate about for decades, Tracee Ellis Ross describes the brand’s journey as “20 years of dreaming, 10 years in the making… and 2 years of working with chemists.” And if you’re wondering what in the world took them so long, well, Tracee and her team admit to trying out an astounding 74 different samples before finally settling on the 7 formulas that Ellis Ross ultimately chose for phase one of the line.

Motivating Memories

In a recent interview with Allure, Ellis Ross recounts the challenges she faced as a young girl when attempting to acquire quality hair care products specifically designed for natural hair as the majority of available products also happened to be quite expensive- yes, even for her- the daughter of Diana Ross. Tracee Ellis Ross cites this sort of inaccessibility as one of her main motivations in ensuring that all Pattern products are not only effective but also affordable.

A Powerful Pattern

Tracee Ellis Ross is particularly proud of Pattern’s unique formulas, which, according to Ellis Ross, are ‘packed with luscious & safe ingredients.’ Pattern products are designed to be used on hair types ranging anywhere from 3b to 4c   on the hair-texture scale, or, in other words, from fragile to course, waves to ringlets, chances are, your curls are probably covered.

Pattern’s product line currently consists of three different rinse-out conditioners (medium, heavy, and intensive options are available), one leave-in conditioner, one shampoo, two types of hair serums, one travel-size set, and hair-washing accessories including a micro-fiber hair towel, in-shower hairbrush, as well as a handy hair clip to tie it all together. Pattern Beauty products are now available at

Deeper than Demographics

Ellis Ross wrote, “Pattern Beauty is for those of us who need more than a quarter size of product. Large conditioner sizes that actually fulfill the unmet needs of our community, accessible pricing because everyone should have access to the most beautiful hair in their own shower, and gorgeous packaging that conjures the legacy of our history and makes us all feel like the royalty that we are.”

While Tracee Ellis Ross may be excitedly promoting her new haircare line, her use of certain phrases, like “unmet needs,” “accessible pricing,” and “legacy of our history,” suggests she’s also sending women of color a deeper message; Through her new haircare line for natural hair, she’s setting a powerful precedent of inclusion within the beauty industry.

Photo Credit: @TraceeEllisRoss

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