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What Are Flower Essences? And Do They Really Work?

picture of flowers

Everything is made up of energy. From us mere mortals to the vast solar system above us, to the flowers at our feet. So what happens when you take botanical energy and bottle it up? You release your inner flower power, of course.

It all began back in the 1930s, when English physician and homeopathic doctor Edward Bach was searching for a new form of healing. After noticing that certain plants seemed to alleviate negative thoughts and feelings, he decided take to the soil for a cure. Believing that there was a natural path to help unblock energy and emotional disharmony, Bach created 38 floral remedies, and numerous contributions to what we now call vibrational healing.

So, what are flower essences?

Unlike essential oils, which are derived from the chemical components of a plant, flower essences do not actually contain flower material per se. They are actually the imprint of the flower and its energy. And since all plants apparently have a unique vibrational energy pattern,” when taken regularly, they can help cosmically align your soul.

How are they made?

Bach’s original method for creating flower essences, which is pretty much still how they are created today, involved soaking flowers in water to “imprint” their energy. This energy was then preserved with alcohol and either taken as droplets onto the tongue or topically applied to the body or bath.

What do they do?

While naysayers will claim that they are nothing more than a placebo effect, weaving flower essences into your daily routine have the potential to stimulate healing. Whether you’re going through a stressful time or just feel a bit “off,” a few drops a day will help you tackle your mental, emotional and spiritual health and find balance. Perhaps it’s all in our heads, or perhaps there is actually magic to madness, but one thing’s for sure, they promote responsibility for taking control of our own well-being and, who knows, with a little help from our botanical buddies, they may also motivate us to make lifestyle choices that may also directly impact our physical health as well. It’s a win, win, really.


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