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Farmers Market Run: Seasonal Foods

root vegatables

Fall is a magnificent time for trips to the farmer’s market. However, don’t rush through it. Make it a thing. Relish the experience. Grab a pastry and latte at the local baker’s stand or buy a single piece of fruit and blissfully eat it while strolling along letting everyone know you are truly living your best life.

You see, fall is the perfect time to stock up on a few things that are coming into season and may still be holding on from summer due to our climate’s warmer temps pushing the harvest back a little bit.

When most ripe, fruit and vegetables grown organically and brought to their peak naturally “in season” offer us their best nutritional values. I’ve compiled a list of things to grab at the market this fall:

Local Raw Honey:

Summer/Fall honey harvests can include orange blossom, avocado, and wildflower. Honey is a staple in my home (I currently have 5 varieties in my cupboard) and I find so much joy in supporting local beekeepers who have such a special relationship and respect for one of Earth’s most undervalued creatures.


Over time one finds that zucchini is a simple and delicate vegetable that once you really start working with it, zucchini can be complementary to almost anything.

Fresh Figs:

It’s fig season. They’re beautiful to look at, soft to touch, and too sweet and turn down. Grab them.

Heirloom Tomatoes:

It’s still tomato season. The striking patterns of flesh and imperfectly perfect shapes of these yellow, green, and deep red/purple fruit-veg are too amazing to pass up.


Before it’s too late, take advantage of what remains of summer and grab them. There is nothing better than a strange variety to toss into a greek salad recipe or make a quick pickle with.


It is officially that time of year when Apple any-and-everything begins to pop up on menus everywhere. When fall hits, I usually start to make mele cotte (cooked apples) with every breakfast. It’s a wonderful addition to elevate the meal.


Strange and beautiful, this Asian fruit within origins in Korea, Japan, and China is a famed addition in households during the holidays. Orange in color, it’s resemblance, texture, and culinary use is that of a tomato-apple hybrid, (if one such existed.) They can be eaten raw, dried and cooked with a delicately sweet flavor when soft and ripe.


This ancient and globally beloved fruit greets us with its ripened ruby red arils every fall. Nutritionally sublime, this fruit blesses us with anti-aging benefits rivaling the best antioxidant creams.


Who doesn’t love pumpkin pie? You are surely missing out if you don’t pick up your favorite variety for baking or carving at a pumpkin patch this fall.


High in fiber, varieties of this softly sweet tree fruit can add benefits to our health and tastebuds that we should not take for granted.

Sweet Potatoes:

Made into a soup, pie, souffle or roasted, the possibilities are endless with this everlasting and nutritious tuber.

Brussel Sprouts:

A lot of us turned away from them as kids, as they skew a little bitter right? But as our palates developed they’ve become a favorite to sauté and roast maybe with a little olive oil here, lemon and S&P there. It’s no way that you can pass up on these minis at the market this fall as they will make a wonderful addition to any fall meal.

Root Vegetables:

Beets, Carrots, Radish, Parsnips, Turnips are all invaluable to our health for their nutritional density. They also make up the foundation of the best broths packed with the power to soothe away illness. Roasted, pureed, juiced or eaten raw, root vegetables are not to be passed up.

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