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The Truth About Dry Brushing

woman dry brushing
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Some of the chicest wellness influencers in the game seem to swear by the many skin-altering benefits of dry brushing—but what is it exactly? And can it actually give you glowing goddess skin?

An ancient ritual aimed at exfoliating the skin and stimulating the lymphatic system, just a couple minutes of dry brushing a day can supposedly make a world of difference. It’s an effective physical exfoliator that can slough away dead cells and stimulate sensory nerves—and its effects include overall skin radiance and reflection. But this little brush isn’t exactly a magic wand that instantly removes cellulite and all imperfections. It’s more of a must-have tool to incorporate into your daily beauty routine if you really want to get the results you’re craving.

Once you’ve found the perfect brush, follow the super simple step-by-step guide below to get your skin to glowing status.

Pick a time.  

We recommend dry brushing right before taking a shower (especially since you’ll need to be in the buff). Since dry brushing can be pretty energizing, we suggest opting to add it into your morning routine to give you an extra pep in your step.

Master the movement.

Try for medium-pressure, long strokes—you want to feel something without over-irritating your skin. And if you’re trying to push up lymph fluid, you may want to do each pass more than once.

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Get in position.

Start at your feet and move upwards. You want to follow the circulatory system. Continue up your legs and thighs, and when you reach your stomach, move in circular clockwise motions to help stimulate good digestion. Move up to the arms and then finish at the neck and chest, dragging downwards towards the heart area.

Take a shower.

This will help stimulate the work you’ve just done as well as wash away any dead skin cells that may have come loose while dry brushing.

Moisturize well.

Massage a healthy heaping of moisturizer into skin while your skin is still damp. The first few weeks of dry brushing may make your skin feel super dry, so be generous when applying.

Stick with it!

As with any new skincare routine, it’s takes a little while to see real results, so have patience and stick to the routine. I’d give it anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 month until you start really reaping the benefits.



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