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Are Facials Worth It? (Spoiler Alert: Yes)

woman getting facial massage
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There aren’t many things that reach the same level of bliss as a facial. Whether you’re looking for a basic cleanup, glycolic, collagen, or even microdermabrasion facial, your skin is reaping the benefits. The world of facial treatments is vast, giving an option to all skin types and needs in order to pinpoint problem areas and treat them accordingly.

What types of facials treatments exist?

Plenty. In fact, there are too many to count. Steaming, extractions, facial massages, peels, oxygen, microcurrents, oh my! Each serve their own purposes and help different skin types achieve peak skin nirvana.

A classic facial will typically involve cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, a mask, all followed by a moisturizer. If your skin needs a little more TLC beyond a classic facial, there are plenty of other options to target anti-aging and brightening as well as microdermabrasion facials, LED, and lymphatic massages.

What are the benefits of each facial treatment?

If you struggle with clogged pores, steaming can help clean dirt and grime out of your pores without excessive amounts of pressure to avoid any inflammation. This will work on all skin types, but it should only be done on completely clean skin.

Much like the rest of the muscles in your body, your facial muscles need some exercise too. A facial massage can help relieve tension in your face (goodbye, wrinkles), increase circulation and oxygen flow, naturally lifts your face through increased collagen production, and preps your skin for other products to help it absorb your skincare regime more effectively.

We’re all guilty of picking our acne, it’s okay. At home extractions can cause redness and swelling, not to mention potential infection from any bacteria we carry on our fingers. Extractions by a facialist will cause less trauma on your skin. Beware though: sensitive skin may become red or irritated by the extractor.

If you’re looking for results and don’t mind splurging, peels will yield some of the best results for your skin. Any peel–whether it’s glycolic, salicylic, malic, lactic, or citric–will exfoliate your skin’s top layer, so say sayonara to your St. Ives Apricot Scrub. If you’re worried about collagen production, opt for a high-concentration AHA peel (we’re talking 20 to 30 percent).

Oxygen facials apply pure and pressurized oxygen onto your skin in order to remove fine lines and wrinkles. They can also help increase collagen production in your face, leading to younger-looking skin. If that wasn’t enough, it also cleans pores and can reduce rosacea and acne.

On a pursuit for an “it” treatment that aids in anti-aging methods? Microcurrent facials uses–you guessed it–electricity to promote cell growth in your skin. It’s a non-invasive and painless procedure that uses low-voltage electricity to “work out” the muscles in your face, therefore stimulating collagen and giving your skin a tighter appearance.

When should you get a facial?

If you truly want to add a facial to your custom skincare regime (who wouldn’t?), it’s best to go every four weeks. By then, your skin will have gone through its full life cycle–skin cell growth and exfoliation–and may need help moving the process along. Plus, your beautiful glow isn’t going to maintain itself without a little assistance!

Don’t worry if you can’t commit to monthly facial. Seasonally will still do the trick. During the summer, our skin is sensitive to sun damage and humidity can lead to breakouts. When winter rolls around and the humidity drops, your skin’s hydration depletes. Facials can help fight against seasonal exposure and rebalance your skin as you navigate through the change of seasons.

They cost how much now?

In 2019, the price for facials varies, especially depending on the city you live in. For a basic facial, you can expect to drop somewhere around $40 to $50. If you want to get more advanced, budget around $90 for a more comprehensive procedure to target your problem skin areas. Any facials that are using more cutting-edge technology, while trendy, may cost you almost five times more than a basic facial.

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