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The One Winter Skincare Product To Pack In Your Carry On

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For some skincare enthusiasts (ahem… me), picking a favorite skincare product is like picking a favorite child. We become so reliant on our 10-step routines and overflowing bathroom cabinets that it seems impossible to choose just one; but if I had to pick a single product to accompany me on a cold weather vacation, it wouldn’t be my beloved oil cleanser or even a trendy new face oil. It’d be my trusty moisturizer.

Yes, that may sound basic — but there’s a reason why moisturizer is a skincare staple as old as the skincare industry itself. Ahead, four reasons why this particular product deserves some space in your suitcase.

It’s A nécessité For All Skin Types:

While other skincare products are separated by skin type (dry skin doesn’t need toner; oily skin doesn’t need an oil cleanser), moisturizer is a universal must-have. No matter what kind of skin you have — dry, oily, acne-prone, sensitive, or combination — moisturizer is necessary to keep your face hydrated and healthy. (Yes — even the oil-prone need hydration!)

While Cold Weather Strips Moisture, Moisturizer Locks It In:

If you’re destined for a getaway to the ski slopes or a snowy mountain cottage, your skin is bound to become drier than usual. That’s because cold air strips the skin of moisture (which explains why we all get chapped lips in the wintertime). But with a good moisturizer on hand, you can mitigate the effects of the harsh winter climate and keep your skin in tip-top shape.

It Has Anti-Aging Benefits, As Well:

For a short vacation, it’s fine to swap your usual anti-wrinkle eye cream in favor of a simple moisturizer — because moisturizer actually has built-in anti-aging benefits. An eight-year study published in the British Journal of Dermatology found that over time, well-moisturized skin looks significantly younger than dry skin. In other words, moisturization (along with sun protection, of course) may be the key to appearing ageless — so you can leave your retinol at home.

It’s A Must On The Plane:

Make sure to keep your moisturizer in your carry-on, not your checked baggage. “The pressurized cabin [of an airplane] is a low humidity environment, so it sucks the moisture out of your skin causing it to become dry,” Dr. Sejal Shah, a dermatologist, once told me in an interview for The Zoe Report. To counteract the effects of cabin air, apply an extra layer — or two — of moisturizer while you’re in flight. 

As for which moisturizer to have on hand? Shop some of nécessité’s favorites, below.

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