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9 Self-Care Essentials To Keep In Your Yoga Bag

woman opening her gym bag
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Every yogi has a preferred ritual when heading to her yoga class. Some days, the morning works best to clear your mind of clutter. If youre pressed for time, a quick flow during your lunch break gets your workout in for the day. If youre a night owl, maybe you prefer a post-work sessions to loosen up stiff muscles after a long day.

Then there are the different types of yoga classes hot, cold, and even infrared. Sometimes we crave the consistent routine of a 90-minute Bikram class, but other days we need the grounding relaxation of a Vinyasa flow sequence.

No matter how you thrive, certain self-care essentials can help you maximize the wellness benefits of your time spent in practice. These chic fashion selects will stylishly elevate your look, while our favorite body care products soothe from the outside in. All the while, youll reap the benefits of yogas detoxifying benefits for the mind, body, and soul.

Self-care is a nécessité — and were here to help you make the most of it. Here are 10 self-care essentials for the luxury-loving yogi to keep in her yoga bag.

Chanel Metallic Bag 

This fashion forward, metallic bag is the perfect carry-all for the stylish yogi. As Erica Reid, nécessité’s founder, says, you can never have too much metallic or Chanel.

Nécessité Limited Edition Glass Water Bottle

Reduce your use of single-use plastic by investing in a reusable glass bottle instead. This limited edition launch will keep you hydrated in style and more importantly, wont end up in a landfill.

Micellar Water

Gentle micellar water will remove makeup, sweat, and grime from your faces without stripping your skin barrier like traditional cleansers. Its also more environmentally friendly than using disposable wipes.

Nécessité Luxe Oversized Crewneck Sweat 

Throw this cozy sweatshirt over your fave athleisure to keep cozy en route to the studio. Its a cute and helpful reminder to make wellness a nécessité.

Floracopeia Body Relief 

If your muscles feel sore pre- or post- work out, this concentrated treatment oil provides soothing relief to stiffness and tension, naturally aiding your flexibility.

Intensive Repair Foot Balm 

Mindfully apply this foot-care balm following your barefoot workout. It features five, raw oils that hydrate your hard-working feet and heels.

Turmeric Body Scrub 

Using a detoxifying, exfoliating salt scrub in the shower amplifies the benefits of your practice. The anti-inflammatory turmeric it contains helps the skin and body recuperate.

Off White High-Top Sneakers 

The fashionable yogi can rock these sneaks by Off White to and from the studio. The labels popularity has skyrocketed within the luxury resale market.

Beauty Balm 

This beautifying balm comes all the way from Hawaii. Use the multi-tasker on your lips and face to nourish your complexion after class.

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