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Happy New Year!

Woman sitting on chair smiling

Dear nècessitè’s:

Happy Everything. 

As I sit here full of much reflection and gratitude, I thank you for reading this and sharing this journey of nécessité with myself and the entire nécessité team. Without them, and without you, there would be no nécessité, so I thank you deeply. To every writer, photographer, featured founder, editor, you name it,  I thank you. Your stories, articles, talents, and experiences have been a huge piece of what makes nécessité unique and I am fondly honored and privileged to share this journey with you.

Look around on nécessité.co and explore where we started and how far we’ve come, together. Let’s watch it blossom a bit more and more as we continue to water this seed daily. This is our community that we are building together, therefore, your voice matters. Do not be afraid to voice your comment or ask any questions on any of our article’s that may resonate with you. This is how we learn and grow from each other. As you read through the content, please know that I wish you a healthy, laughable, safe, physical, fun, adventurous and prosperous New Year and many moments of self-care and all of your heart’s desires in 2020! Remember to take time to laugh, explore, aim at something new, travel, create your vision and go out to manifest it. Set your intentions from day-to-day and always honor and be kind to yourself.

So with much love, great health, gratitude, and blessings- Here we go…

Happy New Year, 

Erica Reid, Founder of nécessité

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