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2020 Reset: A Daily Regimen To Get Your Mind And Body In Alignment

fruit on a table

Upon every new year, millions of people across the globe adopt a “New Year, New Me” philosophy committing their future selves to twelve months of some kind of restrictive diet and lifestyle plan that will give them the body, mind, spirit and life that somehow escaped them in previous years.

As a private chef, nutrition consultant and professional yogi, I advise all of my clients to reach for a realistic sustainable wellness regimen as no single individual can slip on a one-size fits all lifestyle without some tweaks here and there.

As a “New Year, New Me” manifesto implies change with the intention of truth, I implore that adopters consider how honest they are being with the conscious-mindful intent to maintain the commitment that they make to themselves.

An aligned reimagining of self brought to fruition, a.k.a— a N.Y.N.M. successfully sustaining a full year and beyond demands the 4 D’s: diligence, determination, dedication and drive. To sum it up, it’s all in your head.

Honoring all parts of self and coming into full alignment in your body requires the acknowledgment in your mind of the parts that equal the sum of you. It seems simple right? Well, if it were that easy, every year there wouldn’t be a need for a new you.

The Breakdown: 

As the conscious mind determines what you do, the spirit and heart energy is the force behind it, while the body is the vehicle and vessel that completes the manifestation as a physical embodiment of your choices.

The mind is the protector of everything that happens within oneself. Which is why the concept of mindfulness is buzzing everywhere. However, if any one part of the Mind-Spirit-Body system is weak, the balance will be off.

Below are quick lifestyle tips to keep your 4 D’s in line creating a strongly aligned M.S.B for a sustainable New Year, New Me throughout 2020.

Be Mindful:

It’s important to take time for yourself and slow down. When cooking at home or dining out, It’s important to honor the moment of offering nourishment to yourself. Put the phone away and be fully present in the moment. Eliminating the distractions will help you have a focused mind.

All About Energy:

Positive thinking, deep breathing and yoga are wonderful tools to help energy flow throughout the body. Raise your hand if a spell of anxiety has crept up out of nowhere to ruin beautiful life moments and critical work responsibilities. A daily 10 minute ritual of morning meditation, breath exercises and a quick yoga flow can help.

Eating In 2020:

The key to sustainable health via food is eliminating the distractions in your diet that chip away at a consistent menu of whole foods. This includes processed foods, refined sugars and many animal proteins that come from inhumane sources.

Hashtags for the New Year should include #NoSODA2020 so yes, no diet soda or any other carbonated sugary beverage of yesteryear that you keep telling yourself is okay when it isn’t.

Drinking water is key to maintaining hydration and flushing the body of toxins. I suggest one gallon of distilled water per day.

The objective is to not allow distractions into your diet (snacks and beverages with added sugar or salt and meals loaded with starchy carbs and dairy.) Desserts should be limited to once a week as cakes and cookies increase sugar intake. Fresh fruit is acceptable.

Below is a foundational menu that can add structure to your current routine. You can follow this while preparing meals at home and while dining out. Happy New You!


Warm Lemon Water


Whole Food Ingredients Only

Warm oats with fresh/dry fruit, maple syrup or honey


Whole Foods Ingredients Only

Hearty Stew or Soup

Grain or Salad Bowl

Organic/Wild Protein and Deep Leafy Greens


Whole Foods Ingredients Only

Hearty Stew or Soup

Grain or Salad Bowl

Organic/Wild Animal Protein and Deep Leafy Greens


Fresh Fruit

Organic Gelato, Non-Dairy Ice Cream

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