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How To Have Your Very Own "New Moon" Ritual


If you follow the lunar cycle, chances are you’re pretty dialed into what’s going on with the universe—and what it means for those of us affected by the moon. But for those of you who may be a little bit less-versed, listen up for a lesson on all the basics.

The new moon marks the start of a brand-new lunar cycle, bringing feelings of self-reflection and an array of new beginnings. It’s time to get clear about what you want, set intentions, and start planting the seeds. People aligned with the energetic force of the universe tend to start new projects or life transitions during this phase of the moon. To maximize your potential on this energetically supercharged time of the year, we suggest creating a practice to propel whatever transition you’re working through onto the next level.

Create a sacred space.

Before anything else, make sure that you cleanse the space where you’ll be meditating. Like a stick of sage or palo santo and clear your energy as well as the energy around you. While smudging repeat a mantra (whatever feels organic to you) about releasing the old energy and making room for the new. Repeat as needed.

Light a candle.

Fire can also be a symbol of cleansing. It allows us to burn off anything that needs to go before beginning the new cycle. Light an intention candle, or any candle you have lying around, and feel the energy of the flame.

Pick a crystal.

There’s no need to haul out your entire supply, we suggest picking one or two crystals that are really speaking to you. Let them be your guide to opening up your intuition and getting in to the flow of the energy around you.

Pull a card.

Whether you opt for angel cards, traditional tarot, or if animal spirit decks are more your thing—do whatever feels most organic. Pull one card from whichever deck you choose to be your visual aid through this new lunar cycle.

Write down your intentions.

This is the most important part of the new moon ritual. Each month, the moon delivers us an extra boost of intention-setting energy. Get clear with your intentions and make them as specific as you can. They will not only inform the universe they will keep you focused on your goals and living the life of your dreams.

Go try something new.

There’s no time like the present to put all that juicy new moon energy to test. It’s the perfect time to start that new project you’ve been dreaming about, apply for your dream job, or go forth and do whatever you feel most passionate about. It’s time to take life by the balls!

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