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Nurturing Through Grief

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Dear nécessité, 

Welcome to February 2020.
Welcome To Black Herstory Month 2020.

I know many of us may be feeling confused, sad, hurt, inquisitive, sick, shattered, helpless, in disbelief and much more after the unfortunate physical loss of all of those beautiful individuals that were on that helicopter recently. I completely understand. You’re not alone. I too am feeling many emotions and releasing a lot at the same time. 

It is in times like these that remind us to check in on our family, those near and far, to call rather than text or DM a friend or instead of a ‘like’ on an image with a comment, to apologize to someone, or to do self-reflection and much more. This is the time.

We know life is so precious and not guaranteed, but sometimes we require and are given reminders. I say to all of you, you are a nécessité. Nurture yourself and your spirit by doing something extra special today. Sit still a bit longer, lay flat on the floor and reconnect and get re-grounded to reset. Take in a few deep inhales and exhales. Take in the energy that the sun exudes. Take a brisk walk and let the tears roll down if you must. Whatever it is, know that it is ok to replenish however you desire, so acknowledge it, embrace it and respect it. So many of us feel the heavy energy, therefore, it has been very hard and challenging. 

Drink a warm cup of tea without sugar and without caffeine. Be sure to eat a balanced, fresh, nutritional meal. Drink plenty of still, clear water. Be gentle with yourself. Honor yourself.  Lastly, take a moment to write 3 things right now that you’re grateful for. 

For me, I am grateful for-

  1. You reading this right now through nécessité.
  2. The family that has chosen me.
  3.  My health that sustains me daily.

Thank yourself and your body for showing up daily for you.  Remember, we cannot achieve wellness without first implementing self-care. We all have a duty and responsibility. Are you fulfilling yours? 

I appreciate you. 

Enjoy today for it is a gift given to us to enjoy and to grow.

Many Blessings.

Love always, 

Erica Reid, Founder of nècessitè

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