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Body Roll Studio In Tribeca Combines Lymphatic Massages With Infrared Lights


Look out New York, there’s a new studio in town. Body Roll Studio has hit Tribeca, bringing a first of its kind lymphatic massage to Manhattan. The studio is equipped with machines that contain infrared and collagen lamps embedded inside. They’re set up with a special position sequence and based on the amount of physical activity you have on a regular basis as well as how many times you’ve been to the studio, your machine’s speed will be set at a different level.

The machines are designed in a unique way to adjust to the various shapes of our bodies. The adjustable speed and heat supply on the infrared roller can help provide you with massage elements of acupressure to stimulate lymphatic drainage.

Body Roll Studio’s machines are stronger and more effective than regular lymph massages. The sessions last 45 minutes, broken up into three increments of 15 minutes to allow you to switch positions and focus on different areas of the body and our muscles.

What do the machines do, exactly?

Body Roll Studio houses machines that merge the effects of lymphatic massages. The experience will relieve muscle tension, expel toxins through infrared radiation that penetrates deep layers of our skin, and reduce cellulite due to your subcutaneous adipose tissue being broken down. The rollers on the machine are equipped with collagen and infrared lamps meant to improve elasticity in the skin for a more youthful appearance.

The mechanical pressure applied to our bodies from the wooden rolls can improve the circulation of blood and lymph, which helps speed up our metabolism, reduce fat tissue, and eliminate waste products in our body. Over time with continued use, the rollers gradually reduce the volume of the body parts that received the applied pressure, as well as firm the skin and eliminates tight muscles.

The studio’s machine can help users lose weight, but have plenty of other health benefits. The equipment can improve digestion and stimulate lymphatic flow. Due to its detoxifying and tension releasing attributes, the process can leave you feeling relaxed and happy.

Why is lymphatic drainage important?

You may have experienced a lymphatic massage during one of your facials, aimed at decreasing swelling and puffiness in our faces. Lymphatic massages are a great way to stimulate your lymph nodes, allowing your body to naturally detox and reduce bloating or swelling.

Our lymphatic system is a large network of lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes located throughout our body–not just in our faces–that is linked to our immune system as a way to remove waste products from our tissues. This system is dependent on our blood pressure and the movement of our muscles to transport the fluid through lymphatic vessels, so if your circulatory system isn’t up to speed, the detoxification process can be slowed down.

Insufficient flow can cause lymphatic fluids to gather in our body’s tissue, which is what can cause swelling on our face and across the affected areas of our body. Discomfort, puffiness, and dullness can occur if your lymphatic system isn’t draining properly. Manual stimulation of your lymph nodes can speed the entire process up, thus reducing swelling where desired.

Massages and treatments that support lymphatic drainage can benefit multiple health issues, whether it’s physical or mental. Stimulation of our lymph nodes has been known to help with symptoms with conditions like lymphedema (swelling of the limbs), fibromyalgia (widespread muscle pain), edema, arthritis, and even continuous migraine episodes. Because of the tension releasing nature of lymphatic drainage, it’s also been known to help with fatigue, insomnia, and stress.

What are the benefits of infrared therapy?

Infrared therapy is a light-based and non-invasive treatment for pain and inflammation across our bodies. Infrared lights don’t damage our skin the way ultraviolet light can. In fact, it encourages the regeneration of our cells. Typically, when undergoing infrared therapy, the light is applied to the area of pain or inflammation on our body at different wavelengths to penetrate the deep layers of our skin, thus promoting cell repair.

When it comes to our lymphatic system, infrared therapy can help detoxify, similar to traditional physical lymphatic massages. Continued treatment can help relieve pain and reduce muscle tension in our bodies, improve our overall circulation and lower our blood pressure to promote continuous flow through our lymphatic vessels, as well as an overall boosted immune system.



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