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In Conversation With: Leah Klasovsky, Founder Of Leahlani Skincare

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Let’s just say Leahlani Skincare Founder Leah Klasovsky knows how to pull off a powerful transformation. On an impromptu birthday trip at the age of 21, Leah Klasovsky boarded her flight to Hawaii a mere mainland maven yet disembarked an exotic island princess who would never look back. So it’s really no surprise this botanical beauty would ultimately end up transforming today’s typical skincare routine into a blessed beauty ritual.

Where were you born and raised and where do you live now? 

I was born and raised in Seal Beach, CA. My brother and dear friend gifted me a ticket to Kaua’i on my 21st birthday. I went alone and never came back. I live on the lush North Shore of Kaua’i.

What’s the story behind Leahlani? What inspired the brand?

Over my years as a holistic esthetician in Hawaii, I had the honor of treating hundreds of clients that were connected by their desire to better love and care for their skin. It was my own struggle with severe cystic acne that drew me to the world of holistic beauty, so I was moved by the difficulty my clients often expressed in connecting with meaningful routines that supported the complexions they craved. Inspired, I set off to create a skincare line that would transform a mundane routine into a treasured ritual. 

Why was it important for you to create products without harmful ingredients? 

For me personally, it is important that I am creating products with ingredients that I love. There is nothing like receiving a gorgeous batch of Hawaiian lehua honey from the season’s most recent harvest, admiring the vibrance of our most recent batch of rosehips or hibiscus flowers, or smelling the subtleties in the aroma of a new fresh bottle of blue tansy essential oil. I formulate with ingredients that I love, and that also happens to be efficacious at helping to balance and deeply nourish the skin. 

If you could pack one Leahlani product, what would it be and why?

Oh my- just one? I suppose it would be our Bless Beauty Balm because it is such a versatile product. You can use it to cleanse the face, to moisturize, and as a treatment mask- and I always make sure to have two Bless in my carry on when I travel to apply to skin, hands and lips that dry out during air travel. 

Leahlani Skincare

Bless Beauty Balm

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How do you recommend using your Bless Beauty Balm?

There are so many ways to enjoy this beauty. Here are some of my favorites:

AM cleanse:

Take a pea-size amount of Bless and blend with 2 pumps of our Pamplemousse Cleansing Oil. Massage into the skin and let sit for a minute or so while you make your coffee or tea. Then, rinse with warm water and pat dry. This creamy aloha alchemy combo will leave your skin bright, soft, and supple.


After applying your serums or elixirs, scoop a dollop of Bless into your fingertips, emulsify, and gently ‘press’ into the skin and around the eye area and on the lips to lock in moisture and plump the skin.

Treatment mask:

Massage a dollop of Bless Balm into clean skin before stepping into a hot shower or bath. The steam from the shower will soften the skin and melt the butter and oils- allowing them to absorb deep into the skin, leaving your complexion deeply nourished and moisturized.

What are some nècessitès you never travel without? 

I always travel with a bottle of our Bless Aromatherapy Essence. I get travel anxiety, and the scent of this essence instantly comforts and grounds me- whether I am 35,000 feet in the air or in an unfamiliar country- it’s magic. I always bring a pen and journal to jot down inspiration as it comes. And I always travel with yoga pants, antibacterial wipes for the plane, and packets of Vitamin C. 

What do you do for self-care that is a nécessité? 

I swear by hot yoga, it is the only practice I have found that immediately brings balance. The heat brings its own challenges of discomfort, but there is a moment during my practice where I surrender to the discomfort and find a sense of ease and acceptance. 

Photographer Credit: Photopop Kauai


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