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Happy Earth Day: Mother Earth Is A Nècessitè

bags laying the grass

Welcome to Earth Day. Celebrate the Earth you live on, it is a nécessité. Thank the Earth for allowing you to reside on it, after all, you are only a temporary visitor on it. If you ask me, the Earth is speaking to us all globally loud and clear right now. This is not an issue of status, race, gender, or religion, this is a human responsibility issue. Some of us will be enlightened during this time and some of us will not.

I personally find it to be no coincidence that we are all having to be still and more present, aware, and in the same situation together over religious holidays and on Earth Day.

Mindfulness has amped up our vibrations and frequencies whether we are comfortable with it or not. One of the messages thrown our way is, “like it or not, time for a change.” Change starts with self first.

One thing I am personally doing to make a change for Mother Earth is limiting my water use in our home, especially when I am in the kitchen. I have a tendency of letting the water run while I walk to the cabinet to get an ingredient or while I walk to the refrigerator. This I am totally changing, I have to do better here too. 

I say to my friends all the time,

Mother Earth is tired of the abuse.

Therefore, changes must be made, here are a few things we can all chip in and do by being responsible and doing our part to better Mother Earth so she can be the paradise that was created for us to enjoy while visiting.

Do you have a landline? Use it while at home.

Consider composting (Amazon has kits to help with this).

Bring in some oxygen into your home by planting a plant or buying one and nurturing it.

Start a garden. Use a flower pot to grow a vegetable in it if possible. We do not need acres of land to do this. A start is better than nothing.

Drink water without color- since when did H2O have color, and why do we buy it?

Recycle your garbage.

Turn off the lights in rooms you’re not in.

Take a break from technology so the energy can be saved- think about it, most of us globally use a mobile phone and a computer daily and all day. Think about how many are used in your homes at the same time, that’s a lot of energy being thrown out to Mother Earth to deal with. Remember, she’s speaking to us.

Let natural sunlight into your home during the day rather than turning on a light switch. 

Avoid laundry today. Give the faithful machine and dryer a break. Let them rest, I’m sure you can use the break too, I know I can.

Use recyclable grocery bags.

Listen to the birds, the owls, the wind, look at the sky, feel the clean air. Take a moment to appreciate your Earth and ask what can you do to make it a better place for you and your neighbors?

Enjoy today and remember, we are all visiting Earth for it belongs to none of us.

Much love, great health and Happy Earth Day

Erica Reid, Founder of nécessité
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