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Founder Friday: Erica's Stay-Home Skincare Nècessitè's

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Ok, let’s be honest: It’s a bohemian lifestyle moment that we are all experiencing together. We are being forced to be raw, natural, and come as we are. To really be our authentic selves and our natural aesthetic beings.

I think the message is pretty clear. Honestly, I’m not mad about it. We have been hiding our true selves with makeup, hair color, eyelashes, nail art, laser treatments, anti-aging treatments, our clothes, sunglasses, fake Instagram posts, and non-nourishing restaurant meals. We have been spending our vital energy on non-nécessité’s.

The universe seems to be saying that enough is enough. (I’m not making this up.) We are all being forcibly awakened and stripped to our natural selves. We are forced to be still, not to run from our fears; to recognize and accept our authentic selves. The priority is not to look older or younger, or hide the grays, but rather to embrace all of who we are, as we presently look. (Ohhh, I still hear the voices making doubtful comments. But that’s ok. Go deep, honey, it’s that time.)

My hair is getting no color. I am not really a makeup girl, so this is no issue. My nails and toes are bare, sans color, and I have no desire to paint them. I am letting them breathe. In this present moment, my skincare is so, so minimal. Since I am not going outside and being exposed to toxins and pollutants, I do not wash my face. I repeat: I do not wash my face. Instead, I splash it with water daily, blot it dry with natural tissue containing no perfume, no fragrances, and no chemicals.

If I want to apply something after, I’ll wipe my skin with rose water. Then I’ll go bare or apply avocado oil, coconut oil (Mary J. Blige’s sometimes nickname for me), or a concoction that I have made. I’ll use my Kansa wand and perform a facial massage with a bit of oil. And that’s it. That is all I am doing to my face.

On the skin of my body, I have used Mother’s Blend Oil for 20 years now. I promise you, this is why I did not get stretch marks after two pregnancies. And that is it.

I’m simple. I use items that have no toxins. This means that my liver does not have to work overtime, and my cells are not being forced to mature. That’s just my opinion.

Then, it’s all about my ginger tea throughout the day.

Much love, great health, and many blessings,

Erica Reid, Founder of nécessité
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