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Crystal Self-Care: Experts Reveal How to Use Crystals for Energetic Protection


If you have been feeling physically drained or emotionally burnt-out, you might benefit from energetic protection. Perhaps your adrenal gland has you “wired but tired” from high stress and poor sleep, or maybe you’ve been feeling sluggish and overly tired. Empaths, those who sense and experience the emotions of others, can become emotionally and physically drained simply from being around others. As you’ve likely noticed, physical and emotional fatigue tends to go hand-in-hand.

The reason is our body’s interlocking nature referred to as the mind-body connection. Part of why holistic health practitioners take the entire lifestyle into account is because they know that our brains do not process physical and emotional trauma differently. Mental stressors are also processed physically — whether you are consciously aware of it or not — which is why lifestyle changes, dietary adjustments, and self-care practices are all used in treatment plans. Stress-reduction is also used to enhance overall wellness, with the inherent understanding that stress shows its symptoms mentally, physically, and beyond.

Using the same principle, our energy bodies are the third component of interdimensional wellness to take into consideration. Energy work at the subtle levels can help cue relaxation and healing. But even if you aren’t up for a distance energy healing session, coping can be as simple as tending to your crystal collection.

How to Use Crystals For Stress

Mazz Hanna, celebrity manicurist, certified crystal healer, and aromatherapist, and the founder of a crystal-infused skincare line, can personally attest to the transformative potential of crystal healing. The premise of the practice comes down to the belief that everything is made up of energy vibrating at specific frequencies. Our vibration fluctuates in response to our feelings, our diets, our environments, and lifestyles; and what’s more, she explains, is that our vibrations naturally decrease as we age. Crystals, earth-derived gemstones characterized by their harmonious crystalline structures and beautiful, sparkling exteriors, maintain a constant high frequency.

As we’ve learned, the energy imprint of crystals can be transferred onto mediums — infused into our food or water, our skincare products — as well as raising the energy frequency emitted from objects it is placed beside. Crystal healing involves the therapeutic usage of these ethereal frequencies to bring about improved wellness, whether physical, mental, etheric, etc. For instance, Hanna explains how the citrine crystal’s energy is one of abundance, creativity, and even enhanced sexuality (i.e., those qualities often associated with the sacral chakra). One way to take part in healing with a citrine crystal is simply to meditate with it, making yourself a clear channel, and using your intention to yourself become a channel for its energetic effects.

The truth is that there are plenty of ways to keep your crystals and their therapeutic effects close at hand. For starters, you can wear them in your jewelry. “I am a huge fan of Wax and Wane crystal bracelets,” she notes. Yet another creative way to work with crystals — a method popular with Hanna’s celebrity clientele — is to affix them to your nail art. You can carry a crystal in your pocket, keep one in your purse, stash one in your bra (as Miranda Kerr is said to do), or place one on a specific body part for healing.

In your home, crystals can be used to set up therapeutic energy grids, kept on your nightstand, or brought into your bath for an ultra-restorative soak. Hanna recommends keeping black tourmaline a the corners of your property, or above your front door, in order to provide mini energy cleanse on everyone that enters your space. Fashion lovers can even wear protective crystals on a pair of fashionable slides from the esoterically-inclined line Astara. (The brand notes that their SAHARA Black Onyx Sandal is a particularly shielding, grounding selection.)

Crystal-infused beauty products are another expert-approved way to access the healing properties of crystals. “One of the easiest ways to harness the energy of crystals is by infusing them into your skincare products,” explains Hanna, whose skincare line incorporates shaman blessed crystals and mantras into the collection. “When you transform your products into gem elixirs, it’s like slathering your body with good vibes.”

“Applying a product that is infused with gemstones and crystals can be extremely beneficial for empaths and [energetically sensitive] people like myself,” corroborates Amber Makupson, CEO & founder of the crystal-infused haircare line, Meraki Organics. “You can literally embody the vibration and healing properties of each gemstone or crystal once it is applied to your skin and hair.” As she explains, when placed inside or infused into beauty products, the concoction energetically matches the crystalline frequency and becomes a beautifying conduit for healing.

Crystals for Energetic Protection

If you’re thinking of purchasing some crystals for energetic protection, Hanna and Makupson recommend the following seven.

Black Tourmaline:

“Black tourmaline is a must-have for energetic protection,” says Hanna. “I consider this the metaphysical vacuum cleaner of negative energies within a person or space.” She adds that it helps to “cleanse, purify, and transmute dense, negative energies, turning them light and positive.” Hint: Keep it above your doorway or buried at the corners of your property to give visitors an energetic “detox” upon arrival, or on your person for grounding when you’re about to be exposed to several others.


“Selenite is another amazing crystal for keeping your energy flowing freely. Whenever I have a bad day, I take a small selenite wand and run it across my aura and imagine any bad vibes physically being cut away,” Hanna explains. She also notes that it is an excellent choice for cleansing your other crystals. You can do so with a charging plate or by simply keeping a small piece within your collection.


“Think of Kyanite as dialysis for your aura — it helps flow the negative energy out and ensures that only positive energy gets back in,” says Hanna. She reveals that the crystal stimulates your throat chakra and can enhance psychic abilities, which can be beneficial for processing any conflicting thoughts you may be experiencing.


“Another crystal I love is K2, an extremely rare and powerful stone mined from the snowy peaks of Pakistan’s K2, the second-highest mountain in the world.” K2 is comprised of azurite and granite, and vibrates with a powerful energy that Hanna explains can enhance wisdom, intuition, and enlightenment.

Rose Quartz:

“If circumstances or other factors knock you off balance, rose quartz can bring you back into your heart center, the core of your being,” shares Makupson. “When you connect with the space of love and light, this brings pure harmony.”


“Amethyst is exceptional for providing spiritual protection, inner-strength, and clarity of mind,” Makupson states, who personally carry an amethyst crystal daily. “An amethyst gemstone can transmute negative energy into positive energy.”


Hanna recommends fluorite to remove emotional or psychic baggage. If you’ve been feeling particularly stressed or ruminating about fear or worry, Hanna suggests placing a fluorite crystal onto your third eye and envisioning it dispelling the bad thoughts from you, sending it out and away into the universe.

Crystal-Infused Haircare for Grounding, Peace of Mind

There is a special case to be made for crystal-infused haircare when it comes to experiencing crystal-infused beauty’s subtle, therapeutic effects. Considering the scalp and hair’s close proximity to the crown chakra, the energy center representing our connection to the higher self and to the divine, intuitively speaking, it could hold the key to restoring peace of mind. After all, the crown chakra is responsible for states of unity consciousness that take us beyond ego-level worries and perspectives; the insights it imparts are key to transcendence.

“Crystal and gemstone-infused haircare are particularly potent for settling nerves and providing energetic protection,” shares Makupson, who reveals that the hair itself is said to possess special spiritual significance. “It is believed that the tips of your hair are like antennae that gather energy from the Universe in order to stimulate higher levels of consciousness and creativity,” she continues, describing the hair as a continuation of the nervous system that is capable of transmitting energy to the brain. “It is also believed to balance the entire electromagnetic field of your body, which, in turn, can help you to increase your life force, vitality, and intuition.”

Makupson further explains that keratin, the protein of our hair, naturally possesses a crystalline structure. It is almost as if it “speaks the language” of our ethereal bodies, reflecting an esoteric purpose behind our follicles. Crystal-infused haircare essentially uses your hair like a portal, transmitting an energetic “multivitamin” directly to your body’s physical gateway to the spiritual. This is why Makupson formulates her entire hair care line with the healing and activation of the amethyst gemstone (see above). Her products are made to provide you with energy cleanse while simultaneously detoxing your locks at the physical level.

Self-Care with Crystals

Self-care is a  nécessité for every level of being — from the physical to the mental, to the etheric, and beyond. For an energetically sensitive person, a truly comprehensive self-care toolkit incorporates them all. Crystals remain one of the most popular and aesthetically-pleasing methods of working energy protection into our lives.

Some crystal healing sounds like exactly what our stressed-out bodies, over-taxed adrenal glands, and sensitized nervous systems could use right about now. Now as ever, self-care is a nécessité; and crystals provide us with incredible opportunities for promoting wellness in our lives.

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