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The Rise Of The Dip Manicure


Dip manicures are the hottest nail trend to hit the beauty scene and it’s not hard to see why. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it makes your mani last 2-3 times longer than your typical polish. I mean, what’s not to love? And while this buzzy new beauty secret is not actually that new (it’s actually been around since the 90s and is just now making a comeback), it’s the latest craze that is most definitely on the top of our must-try list.

What is a dip manicure?

Unlike gels, dip manicures do not cure and seal your color with a UV lamp. Instead, they use hyper-pigmented powder, a base coat, and a sealant to give you a look that’ll last for weeks. Just like an acrylic manicure, there are two crucial parts to a dip manicure: the liquid hardening agent and the powder. The liquid is made with a base of cyanoacrylates, which is an adhesive, while the powder is made of colored pigments and acrylic polymers. Both agents react with one another to create a super-strong, long-lasting base.

How is it different from gels or acrylics?

Dip powder nails lie somewhere between a gel manicure and acrylics. Acrylics tend to last a bit longer, but are more damaging to your nails and more difficult to remove, while gels are a bit easier to remove but aren’t as durable. Also, dip powder nails try super-fast (we’re talking like 5 minutes fast) so you won’t be posted up for 20 minutes waiting for your nails to dry after you’re done.

How do dip powder manicures work?

Typically, it starts with a nail technician removing excess oils from your nail base and filing them down, followed by a base coat, a layer of pigmented powder, and then a few layers of topcoat, clear powder, topcoat. The result is a flawless finish that is super shiny, super smooth, and super durable.

The bottom line?

Should you try a dip powder manicure? My personal opinion, why the heck not? Just make sure that you check with your salon to make sure that they’re not double-dipping nails into the powders (a huge no-no for sanitary reasons), and that they’re using safe formulas and gentle removal processes. When applied correctly, a good dip powder manicure can keep your nails looking fresh for up to 3 weeks, and who wouldn’t want to take a crack at that?

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