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How To Clear Energy & Get Rid of Negative Vibes The Right Way

Burning sage
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We’ve all experienced it at one point or another. You walk into a room an instantly feel the collective energy. Sometimes that energy is positive, light, and good, and other times…not so much. Whether you’ve been stressed or depressed or your partner (or roommate) has been going through something heavy, sometimes a little energy cleansing can go a long way.

Here, we break down the proper way to rid the bad vibes so you can make way for a better day.

First, cleanse yourself.

Before clearing any space, clear your own energy. You need to get yourself in check before you start moving onto places and other people. You can do this morning and night, after visitors or a long hard day, or whenever you feel like you need a little cleansing.

Next, make room.

Open the windows and shades to flood your rooms with light and fresh air. This also gives the negative energy you are about to banish somewhere to go. All entrances and windows act as entrances for energy to enter your home from the exterior so make sure these areas are purified and extra clean.

Smudge away!

Sage is a common herb that has been used to clear the energy of spaces for thousands of years. Traditionally, the sage is dried, wrapped in bundles, then burned. Many people also use Palo Santo or incense. Simply light a corner of the sage or Palo Santo and blow it out. Go around the area that needs cleansing and let the smoke get to every corner of the room. (I personally always start at the entrance and work my way clockwise around the space, entering each room one by one.)

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Try an energy field meditation.

If you’re super sensitive to other people’s energy, this meditation can be really helpful in setting boundaries. Start in seated meditation and take deep, slow breaths. Then imagine surrounding yourself with a white light or imaginary bubble. Sometimes I like to create a mantra to repeat over and over to myself. Whatever I am feeling like I am needing most that day. Remind yourself that you are in your body and that you are safe. You can repeat this practice daily as needed.

Incorporate essential oils into your day to day.

Essential oils have been used since ancient times to help release negative energy and promote positivity. They are actually pretty powerful and can change your mood and state of mind. Let your inner consciousness select the scent that is speaking most to you.

Whether you’re living in a big city, wearing too many hats, or just having a hard day, it’s important to take time out to care for yourself each and every day. And when you start to feel negative energy in your orbit, try one of these tools to help you get back to a balanced place.


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