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In Conversation With: Chiharu Natsume, Celebrity Manicurist


Chiharu Natsume is one of the most sought after manicurists working today, best known for her creativity and impeccable eye for detail. We caught up with Chiharu to talk about what made her want to become a manicurist, how Covid-19 has impacted her work, and her must-see destinations back home.

Where were you born and raised?

Born and raised in Japan Shizuoka prefecture 

What does your name ‘Chiharu’ mean in your native language? Can you please show us how your name is written in your language?

夏目千春 Chiharu Natsume

My name Chiharu translates into one thousand springs in Japanese characters. Even though I was born in December it was a way of wishing me much happiness. 

What made you move to America?

I wanted to see more of the world

What made you want to become a manicurist?

I never planned on becoming a manicurist but I decided to get licensed while attending English classes. I then had the opportunity to meet many manicurists and started to assist them which eventually led me to become a manicurist myself.  

You worked with many celebrities on high-end fashion shoots and fashion shows, what did you learn through those experiences?

Having more doesn’t equate to being happy. It’s more important to connect to yourself and understand who you are, otherwise you will still suffer.

As a high demand manicurist, you traveled all over the world. What place did you enjoy most?

I traveled to Paris quite often over the last 6 years so I would have to say that I love Paris the most.

What place in Japan would you suggest as a “must-see” and must-experience?”

I recommend visiting Kyoto because I love to visit the shrines and temples. The (Onsen) hot spring baths are one of my favorite places to visit when I travel back home. 

How has your family in Japan been handling this global shift/health crisis? Since all of this is going on, do you want to move back home to Japan?

My family lives in the countryside where there have been very few coronavirus cases so they are fine in their area. Yes, I want to go back home.

Our current life has been challenging in so many ways. How has this affected your work?

It’s been very slow and I don’t know if or when it’s going to return to normal so I may need to consider a new career. 

What self-love/self-care nécessités have you turned to during this global health crisis?

I started to practice yoga since the lockdown. Now Yoga is part of my life!

Image Courtesy of Chiharu Natsume

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