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The Ultimate Guide To Revitalizing Cracked Lips And Bringing The Plump Back

woman adding lip balm

It’s not new news that as temperatures begin to drop, our skin goes into full freak out mode. The chillier weather tends to come with a decrease in moisture in the air, which often leads to dry skin and chapped lips. But fret not, we’re here to bring the plump back.

By now, you’ve likely gotten used to the teeny everyday annoyances that come with transitional weather, but chapped lips are definitely not our favorite thing to deal with. The struggle can be oh-so-real. But for days when your go-to balm is just not cutting it, we’ve culled a list of tried-and-true methods to get your lips back to luscious status.

First and foremost, you have to identify the problem.

Perhaps your lips are reacting to a food allergy or you’ve been habitually licking your lips. In order to get your lips back to ideal plump status, you first need to pinpoint the cause of the issue. Sometimes it’s a simple, super solvable problem, but most cases of cracked lips come from some sort of combination of inflammation, water loss, and impaired capacity to heal due to injured skin.

Stick to au naturel products.

Get into the habit of reading all of the ingredients before buying beauty products, and when in doubt, stick to all-natural ingredients. We also love a holistic homemade remedy of rose petals and milk—the roses contain nourishing vitamin E, while the lactic acid and fats in milk exfoliate and hydrate.


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Use an exfoliator.

Many skin experts swear by the power of a great lip exfoliator to buff away dead skin cells. It primes the surface of your lips to soak up and absorb as much moisturizer as possible, just make sure you tread lightly when using. We recommend a gentle, natural exfoliant like sea salt or sugar.

Watch what you eat.

Acidic, spicy, or salty foods can irritate your skin, especially if it’s already feeling a bit agitated. Remember that the skin on your lips is rather thin, and tends to absorb what you put on or around them pretty easily, so if your pout is giving you some problems, be mindful of what you’re exposing it to.

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