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In Conversation with Lyndie Benson, Founder of Bleusalt


Lyndie Benson, founder and CEO of Malibu-based fashion brand, Bleusalt. Since launching Bleusalt in November of 2017, Lyndie has become a vital force in creating her own category of luxury athleisure wear, turning Bleusalt into a trend-setting brand known for its high-quality designs that embody the raw beauty of nature, the spirit of the ocean, with an ease, elegance and comfort.

Where are you from and how long have you lived in Malibu?

I am from LA born and raised and I have lived in Malibu for 22 years.

When you were married to Kenny G and raising your children did you have a vision of becoming an entrepreneur then?

I have always used my creativity whether it was for Kenny’s career or when it came to our home or raising our children.  The craft I studied was acting and when Kenny’s career took off in my early 20’s I had to choose to be with him or pursue my career as he was on the road 9 months a year and that’s when I decided photography lent itself to my lifestyle at the time much better as I was able to travel and use my creativity in that way.  I had many things I was doing fully engaged in his career on many levels as well as almost writing a Vegan cookbook as we were both vegan to inventing a product called Stress Roller that I did not get the patent for-I also earlier on produced some plays and a film so I have always been busy with my ideas.

What are the inspiration behind Bleusalt and the name? And What was the first item you launched with and why did you create a sustainable clothing brand?

The name Bleusalt speaks to the elements of the ocean and the two words put together as one leaves you with the USA in the middle if you spell Bleu not Blue. We are made 100 percent in the USA which less than 3 percent of fashion does. The inspiration behind Bleusalt is the need to have clothing that fits my lifestyle from Beach to Street.  I am a big fan of extremely beautiful luxury brands such as Brunello Cuccinelli. Loro Piana and Bamford-head to toe cashmere outfits on the beach are not quite practical however chic they are. They become a bit damp and sticky. Bleusalt is made sustainably from the softest fibers on earth and you can wash and machine dry them. They also wear day to night in style and are season-less.

What is one affordable Bleusalt item that is a nécessité-that our readers may want to add to their closet next?

Our signature wrap is our most popular item as well as the first item I wanted to share. Not being a designer by trade I just wanted pieces that I used in my own life made from the softest fibers on earth. We have a 1-yard scarf and a 2 and 3 yard Wrap-$50.00 for the Scarf, $100.00 for the 2 Yard, and $150.00 for the 3 yards.

Passion is a word we often hear.  What does passion mean to you, what is your passion and when did you discover your passion?

Bleusalt and sharing it with everyone gets me up in the morning- I eat sleep and drink my brand. It is like a 3rd child I am raising. Bleusalt will be 3 years old this October. It’s a toddler and starting to grow and become a fully rounded concept now. I am as conscious of what I put into Bleusalt and put into the world as I would be raising a responsible human being.

How have you remained hopeful during this global shift, what motivates you daily?

What I would love to see left behind during this pandemic and the global shift in the world is to be over the running around and chasing things just for the sake of it-I think it has been amazing to hunker down and see what is important in ones life and what is not or no longer necessary or no longer a nécessité haha. This is not to take away from the terrible hardships it has caused for so many as well as the devastating losses.

What do you do for yourself mentally and physically during this global shift that is a nécessité?

Well, honestly I started a morning routine about 2 years ago that has continued throughout and become more important and profound. I love to start my day with Oprah and Deepak and their amazing meditation series. I love it!  I do that first before anything else even before my tea which comes next then a swim and followed by a workout if I have time-I am a bit of a workaholic and loving every minute of it. I have been in Bleusalt college now for 3 years and learning so much every day. I love what you guys are doing and thank you so much for asking me to be a part of it!

Photo Credit: Lyndie Benson 

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