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A mindful selection of diverse brands curated by nécessité offering non-toxic health/beauty products.

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Founder Friday: The Edit with Erica Reid


Dear Nécessité,

I miss you. First—how are you doing and feeling? I am excited to introduce you to a new space within nécessité: The Edit. It is a place for you to visit, explore, learn, and become more aware as you add some nécessités in your space.

What is it? The Edit is a shopping hub designed to offer you mindfully curated nécessités. The offered selection ensures that our shopping choices become more ethical. This means that items are made using materials, ingredients, and practices that reflect pro-Earth and pro-human values.


Years ago, I learned about the conditions of factory workers across the globe that have been exposed to toxic chemicals and inhumane work conditions, wreaking havoc on their health and well-being. I wanted to do something but did not know how to help. Now, I have been blessed with a way to help through the nécessité platform.

By offering you The Edit, we mindfully curate items to ensure that our shopping choices are more ethical to us, our loved ones (including our pets!), and to the Earth we walk on daily. The mindset embraced by The Edit is one that emphasizes that we all are important.


Here I am proudly wearing a dress called “Anna” from a ethical fashion brand I support, love, and respect called Room 502. (You can read more about the designer here.) I purchased this dress for several reasons. First, to support the designer and her brand, as we all require support. For me, she is but one degree from the late Azzedine Alaïa and First Lady Michelle Obama. The smooth fabric, the lightweight cotton, the classic and simple design, and the brand’s ethical mission (which pre-dated the sustainable “trend”) made it a great investment.


I style it many ways—with sneakers, flats, sandals, heels, a cardigan, I simply have fun doing so much with it.  The dress is truly so versatile. In case you haven’t guessed, Room 502 is the first ethical fashion brand we are bringing your way through The Edit. We’ll be adding more over time, but for now, feel free to become acquainted with this eco-friendly brand.

Take a look around. Have fun knowing that you’re adding to your wardrobe in a more ethical, and responsible manner as you peruse the nécessités offered to you in The Edit.

*Here we provide you with mindfully curated product recommendations that we love and support in hopes that you will love them too. nécessité does not receive any form of commission/compensation from products featured in this article.


Erica Reid, Founder of nécessité
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