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In Conversation With: Joanna Vargas, Founder of Joanna Vargas Skincare


Joanna Vargas is today’s it-esthetician for today’s it-celebrities and anyone who wants gorgeous, glowing skin that endures. Known for her powerhouse refining and reshaping facials offered at her signature NYC + LA salons, Joanna Vargas products reflect her unique combination of technique, technology, and all-natural ingredients formulated to beautify.

At the heart of everything Joanna does, is her dedication to health & well-being. She’s committed to celebrating all women, every age and ethnicity, and in every unique form.

Meet The Founder:

Where were you born and raised? What inspired you to become an esthetician and when did you launch Joanna Vargas Skin Care? 

I was born outside of Chicago and grew up in NJ. I have always been a product junkie since I was very young. Bubble bath, lip gloss, perfume, I loved it all and it was not until I was in my 20’s that I realized that this could be an actual career. My husband and I started our first salon in 2006. It was a very modest space, but we were very focused on client experience and results-driven treatments. Our salon has grown from that first 300 sq ft space to a bi-coastal footprint with worldwide brand recognition. 

You have been trusted with many faces amongst the Royal family, celebrities to all types of wonderful people.  What do you think it is about your hands and your practice that allows people to trust their face in your care? 

I think when people meet me they realize quickly that I am all about my work and I listen to your concerns. People share their deepest insecurities with me and I take their trust very seriously. At the end of the day, I want you to walk out feeling more beautiful and more confident. It’s that simple. And I treat everyone I meet with respect no matter who they are.  

Do you suggest we care for our face with the same products year-round or switch them up and do things differently from season to season?

I think looking at the skin as a changing organ is important. The weather, stress, sleep patterns, and lifestyle choices are all a part of what makes the skin look the way it does.  

What is your skincare routine? Do you give yourself facials and if so, how often?

I am very diligent about my skin because people expect me to walk the walk. I exfoliate twice a week with my Exfoliating Mask, I cleanse nightly with my Vitamin C wash, I apply my Supernova retinol nightly. Daytime I dry brush before my shower, I cleanse with my Cloud Bar and apply my Daily Serum, Rejuvenating Serum, and Daily Hydrating Cream under my makeup. I do my Twilight Sheet mask twice a week after my exfoliation step and I never leave the house without sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses. 

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Pimples on the face, do we pop them ourselves or leave them alone, and why? In your opinion, can toothpaste clear a pimple?

Never extract a pimple yourself!!! And toothpaste is for the teeth. I would apply either my own Exfoliating Mask and leave on overnight to calm the breakout or I would use the Renee Rouleau Anti-Cyst serum. 

You offer the LED treatment light in your NYC and LA practice. What is it exactly and why do you believe in it?

LED light is one of the most effective non-invasive treatments in skincare. It’s also one of the most studied and it’s FDA approved. So it’s not just opinion, but scientific fact. Red and near-infrared light reduces inflammation, speeds the healing of the body by 300%, and increases collagen production. Blue light also kills bacteria so it’s a very effective acne treatment. It works on every skin type and every skin tone and there are no side effects! 

What inspired your newest book GLOW FROM WITHIN, do you believe that a positive and healthy inside impact our external glow?  

I was inspired because so many people write to me and say “I wasn’t born with great skin” or “I don’t have any luck with my skin”. I wanted to provide a real guide for healthy skin and tell people great skin isn’t about DNA! It’s about lifestyle choices, what you eat, and what you use that makes the difference. 

What is one thing we can do now that is cost-efficient to work on achieving the GLOW FROM WITHIN?

Washing your face nightly is the most important thing you can do for your skin. Nighttime is your body’s time to repair itself. If you are not clean, you will wake up with breakouts, inflammation, and puffiness. 

During this moment of a global shift, how have you implemented self-care, self-love mentally, and physically that is a nécessité? 

 I have been encouraging people to think of one positive thing about themselves every night during the cleansing step. Too often we look in the mirror and think the worst about ourselves. Practicing positivity is so important. For me, I’ve been exercising daily, taking the dogs for long walks, and drinking up the extra family time. Those moments of quiet are so precious and make me feel like I am honoring myself.   

Photographer credit: Roderick Angle

Product image: Joanna Vargas Skincare 

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