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Top Eco-Bedding For Your Health and Wellness

bed with white linen

So you’ve slathered on the very best facial moisturizers, Rose waters, body butter and healthy emollients you could get your hands on. You’ve consciously fine-tuned your skincare regime to new heights. Now, are you going to rest this beloved skin on polyester sheets? No way!

Not when there is an abundance of sustainable bed sheets at your disposal. You need bedding that will allow your skin to breathe, not deplete it of moisture. This is what organic bedding does to support your health and wellness.

If in doubt about the certification of any organic bedding, look for GOTS, or Global Organic Textile Standard on the label.  This certifies producers are only using sustainable practices and techniques and are Eco-friendly in their approach and production practices.

Another label to keep in mind is the OEKO-TEX registered trademark, certifying the human ecological, social and environmental safety of textile products in all stages of production (raw materials, fabrics, yarns, and fibers) along the textiles manufacturing chain.

Eco-Bedding Options:

Cariloha Luxury makes bamboo bedding, which is breathable, naturally sustainable and is moisture-wicking too. Again, keeping healthy skin in mind.  Bamboo sheeting is very Eco-friendly.  Cariloha also produces clothing and mattresses. Start with their Classic Bamboo Set.

Elkie & Ark is Australias first certified the organic company.  Every aspect of their production is performed with ecology in mind.  Their Organic Belgian Linen sheets and Organic Pure Cotton Sheet sets are a must! All packaging is free of plastic as well.  Additionally, each sale supports school scholarships for children, anti-trafficking and supports various reading programs.

Peacock Alley, long-staple cotton Percale sheets which are lighter and more breathable. Perfect for summer and warmer climates.  Try their Percale Classic Linen Sheet sets for a start!

Coyuchi, based in Northern California only produces organic cotton bedding collections.  All comply with USDA Organic, GOTS and Fair Trade.  They also use low-impact dyes.  Go for their Organic Crinkled Percale Sheetsor Organic Relaxed Linen Sheet sets.  

SOL Organics, (Sustained Organic Living) bedding is certified by GOTS and OEKO-TEX and are committed to working only with Fair Trade partners.  Their collections of Classic Organic and American Made Natural Organic Sheet sets, and Organic Duvet Cover set for the win.  

So treat your skin and your body to a good nights sleep. Side Note: moisture wicking sheets are a God send to women who wake up with night sweats! Just saying!



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