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An Argument For Turning Your Shower Into An Indoor Garden


A fascinating trend has recently taken over social media: People are posting pictures of their shower-heads covered in sprawling sprigs of eucalyptus leaves. Why? Besides the obvious aesthetic appeal, hanging fresh eucalyptus in your shower can actually have some major benefits, including clearing out congested sinuses and get you energized for the day ahead. 

Eucalyptus is widely known to be a natural cure for physical ailments like congestion, respiratory issues, and even infections. It can be found in most over-the-counter chest ointments (like Vicks Vaporub), since breathing in the zesty, earthy scent of eucalyptus has been shown to clear clogged nasal passages and soothe internal inflammation. Thanks to its antimicrobial and antifungal powers, this plant is even said to help heal bronchial infections! 

It also has aromatherapeutic benefits, which is why eucalyptus essential oil is often used in conjunction with an oil diffuser. The fragrance is both soothing (think: spa day) and invigorating (think: forest-fresh air), making it useful for boosting energy and even clearing brain fog.

Considering the fact that steamy, hot water helps unleash these healing properties by opening up the “pores” of the plant… why wouldn’t you want to put some in your shower? 

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To absorb the full potential of eucalyptus, make sure to “hammer” the leaves before you hang them over your shower head; this helps prime the plant to release its aromatherapeutic scent. And don’t use dried eucalyptus — the sprigs need to be as fresh as possible! I change mine out about once a week.

Eucalyptus can be challenging to find, as it’s mostly used as “filler” in bouquets. I suggest asking your local florist to set aside a bundle for you every week or check out your local farmer’s market for an affordable option. You can even subscribe to monthly eucalyptus deliveries from Eucalyptus Farms — it’s only $12 per month, and is definitely the most fuss-free option.

At the very least, eucalyptus makes for beautiful, natural home decor. Whether you hang it in the shower or display it in a vase, you can’t go wrong!

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