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An Intimate Costa Rican View Of Coffee’s Health-Giving Benefits


Beyond the universal, well-known acclaim, coffee is at the heart of the human experience. From its original Ethiopian home to being one of the top agricultural initiatives worldwide, coffee’s captivating power has been the epitome of social and economic transformation, shaping cultures, communities, and lifestyle habits at large.

Through the infusion of its roasted, mighty beans, coffee beverages have been cherished and consumed not just for their mind-stimulating, bittersweet kick but also for their long-established tradition of inspiring human bonding for centuries — from the first 16th-century Constantinople cafés to the present day. My intimate Costa Rican coffee experience starts here, at the beautiful intersection between ritual, tradition, and culture that moves past the usual health-associated benefits of drinking coffee. Undoubtedly, coffee beans are a world-celebrated nutritional powerhouse, but it’s also an elevated act of individual, collective, and cultural well-being. Here are a few tropical reasons why:

The Golden Bean

Like many other Caribbean and Latin American nations, Costa Rica has a vibrant, deep-rooted history of coffee production since the late 18th hundreds. As the first Central American country in the region to develop into a flourishing coffee industry, Costa Rica’s unique ecosystems, microclimates, and volcanic-rich soils created the ideal conditions for growing and exporting the caramel-flavored Arabica beans around the world. Within the following decades, coffee became the country’s economic vertebrae and a dynamic force behind its socio-cultural identity. Hence, the so-called golden bean: a symbol of Costa Rica’s coffee high-quality nature, cultural significance, and financial health. 

Today, coffee production is the second most profitable, booming industry after tourism, fueling Costa Rica’s commercial force and positively impacting the lives of thousands of coffee producers, or cafetaleros, throughout the country.

It’s Cafecito Time

Cafecito (the diminutive of coffee in Spanish) refers to any coffee-related event in Costa Rican society — from a lovely morning ritual to an all-out family fete. Globally-known for its well-lived centenarians, Costa Rica, is home to one of the world’s five original Blue Zone regions, or areas where people live healthier and longer lives. What is one vital ingredient that possibly makes this tiny tropical country a longevity paradise? Strong social ties and family networks provide both a sense of belonging and purpose, often involving treasured daily rituals like sharing a meal, playing with grandchildren, or, yes, drinking cafecito together. 

From indulging in a soul-nourishing conversation to catching up with friends and family, cafecito time offers a fantastic, unrushed opportunity to soothe the senses and experience the magic of life — one sip at a time.

A Healthy, Multifaceted Experience

Just as the concept and experience of health entail a broad-reaching, multidisciplinary approach, so is coffee and the plethora of factors that have characterized this topic through a historical, wellness, and cultural lens. From a well-being perspective, coffee’s science-backed benefits are promising. Packed with essential nutrients, antioxidants, and minerals, coffee’s therapeutic applications have been linked to a lowered risk of type 2 diabetes, depression, and longevity. However, it’s worth mentioning that further lines of inquiry are required to confirm these findings. 


A Final Word

From a Costa Rican perspective, coffee is a fertile ground for ritual-inspired intimacy, interconnectedness, health, and social tradition. Let your next cup of café be a gorgeous reminder of how this seemingly earthly beverage can help you reconnect with yourself, your well-being, and those around you.


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