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Founder Friday: Happy Mother’s Day from Erica Reid

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Dear nécessité,
This photo of course is not recent, but it is so meaningful to me, so I wanted to share some of the beauty of it with you. This young woman (me) in this photo never knew she would actually be a mother to her own children. The zest for life was fearless, carefree, spontaneous and so independent for me. But, then one day I decided I want to marry and dedicate myself as a hands-on mother.

I am a giver and love children, so I wanted to give to children more profoundly. Who knew the beauty that I would experience as a result. It was not always a bed of roses. The woman in this photo was told she probably would not be able to have children because her menstrual cramps were so horrible and severe.

This woman was also told she probably had endometriosis, therefore, she probably would not be able to ever conceive or if so, would have a hard time conceiving. This woman also experienced the pain of a miscarriage. This woman was also told that she’s so small she would probably have to have a c-section so do not have your hopes up high for a natural birth as you desire. Well, if anyone knows me and the power of GOD and the universe, there was a calling for me here.

Through positive thinking, positive visualization, faith, calling, and more, I had no endometriosis. Because of my excruciating menstrual cramps, they prepared me to experience having both births vaginal and without the use of an epidural or any pain medication (my choice). This beautiful Mother’s Day, I honor and thank my much-appreciated body for allowing me to be the vessel to carry and release life.  I dedicate this day and year and years not only to my mother, and ancestors, and all the mothers globally but to my children, for they made all of this part of my journey what it is.

I honor my role and this day because of them. I have experienced a different love through them. I learned true unconditional love. I learned acceptance. I learned forgiveness. I learned patience. I learned commitment. I learned sacrifice. I learned joy. I learned importance. I learned priorities. I learned to hunger for quality health. I learned more trust and faith.

The list goes on. For me, I knew becoming pregnant and being able to birth life was a blessing and not to ever be taken for granted for I know the pain and challenges it can present. I knew that the minute I conceived, I pledged 100% commitment to GOD, to both children, and to me for being blessed as the vessel to birth physical life to them. Nothing else ever mattered.

No job, no career, no ego, no attention, no fame, just to be the best, present, available, hands-on, attentive loving mother. That was my goal then and now, to be a mother and to give all to them that money cannot buy. I regret nothing.

I love being a mother even if it is the only role in life that is 24/7, requires no training, no degree, no certificate, and no previous years of experience (crazy right).

So Happy Mother’s Day everyone. Embrace it all. I am grateful, honored, so proud, and truly blessed to be able to say, I found my life’s main purpose, not only, but main…I am a full-time mother. Cherish it all

Much love and gratitude,

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Certified in Gut Health

Auricular Therapy (Ear Seeds)

Author of The Thriving Child, Shut Up and Cook!


Erica Reid, Founder of nécessité
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