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Founder Friday with Erica Reid: Traveling with Extra Protection

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Traveling for me today has not changed from how I traveled yesterday when it comes to protecting myself from germs. Of course, we can’t run and hide from germs and live in a bubble, but I do believe when traveling by plane, bus, or train, there are extra precautions we can take. I started traveling with an N95 mask over 10 years ago and protecting my family and home before 2020.

I knew being in closed air on flights with people coughing and sneezing was not the most hygienic way to avoid catching whatever was floating around, especially on my long flights to Paris. I was always the only one in the mask and I didn’t care how odd I may have looked to some.

There are always germs, viruses, diseases, illnesses, colds, the flu, and other bugs that are afloat day-to-day. Wherever we may go, they are there, and they have always been there. They don’t hide and we can’t hide from them either. I feel that it’s important to share some tips that may be helpful for traveling any time you may be taking a trip in the near or far future.

Travel with:

Hand wipes: 

You never know when your hands need spruce of cleanliness. You may want to eat, or just have clean hands in general.

Shoe Booties/Coverings:

When going through the airport, having your shoes off is no different than outside. You can pick up germs that can enter your body through your feet and eventually wreak havoc on you and your health. Cover your feet! This is obvious and there’s no way around it. Removing your shoes is not consistent. I have noticed it varies from airport to airport, but in some places, you do have to remove your shoes. Therefore, you should be ready. Have shoe booties. I use them not only for travel but for anytime anyone is coming into my home to work on anything, even if it’s just to change a light bulb in the apartment.

Wipe down your seat and table:

Whether on a train, plane, or bus, wipe it down. Some have had to use the space to change diapers, or if you have food sensitivities or allergies, you never know what food residue is left behind. You should even wipe down the remotes, TV screens, and seat buttons on the plane and in your hotel rooms.

Disposable bag:

Put that hotel remote in a clear disposable bag. I don’t think my children have even witnessed me not doing this. I do not care how clean or how many stars an establishment is, someone was there before me, and remote control, bedside table, or lush hotel bathroom is not appealing to me.

Skip the airline blanket/pillow:

Are they clean is the question? The sealed plastic covering the blanket has meant absolutely nothing, unfortunately. I have unraveled that clear plastic before thinking it was clean and I have seen obvious stains that were clear signs to never use them. Spare yourself, travel with your own throw. You are better off.

Hotel blankets:

Remove the blanket that is there for added warmth. You know the one, it’s the pretty one to make you feel more at home at the foot of the bed.

We can’t avoid germs, but in certain circumstances, we can help protect ourselves. Be sure to take preventive measures when and where you can. 

I want to hear from you. Please tell me what you do when you travel below to help keep germs away the best you can.

Travel wise and safe.

Much love and gratitude,

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Certified in Gut Health

Author of The Thriving Child, Shut Up and Cook!



Erica Reid, Founder of nécessité
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