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Founder Friday: Streaming Entertainment on the Tube with Erica Reid


Okay, I must be honest: I have not watched a lot of TV this past year. I started watching NBA games — a real first for me. I was sad when I had no more games to watch (Congrats, Bucks!)  My son got me into loving and rooting for Giannis Antetokounmpo. Instead of watching TV, I found myself putting my energy into other things, like healing, working on myself on a deeper level, challenging myself in creating new recipes and products, and talking with my friends more on the actual landline telephone rather than on a computer video option as I prefer not to expose myself to so much extra radiation.

I was at home one day with a friend from college and I happened to reach for the remote and turn on the TV and something visually caught my eye. I love beauty, class, and elegance. Refinement. It was a foreign series that was aesthetically pleasing to the eye and that alone lured me in.

I love foreign language films and I have been watching them since I was a teenager. Regardless of the language spoken, it allows me to escape into that culture through a visual experience. Plus, for me, it is also a way to learn something new about how others live and their culture, which I love and welcome.

I wanted to share this series with you in case you want to look at another culture, hear another language, learn and see beauty differently, but also to be entertained at the same time with suspense, love, friendship, support, and captivation by elegance, etiquette, style, and more. The colors in everything you see are so clear, vivid, and vibrant, including the nail polish and the wardrobe. I must be honest, in my opinion, the best stylish wardrobe for entertainment I have seen since Edith Head doing everything for Audrey with Hubert de Givenchy. Forget about dressing to impress,  but simply dress because… search it and get ready: Mine on Netflix.

Wait, that is not the only one, pull out your patient card….Give me a good documentary and I am all in!

I so loved and appreciated this next one too. It was nice to hear from someone from Gen Z making waves who is not only in the sports world-shaking this sport up to modern-day life and bringing awareness, but who is utilizing her strength, leadership skills, fearlessness, diversity, and culture too! I respect her and we often share pieces about her on nécessité as we know how important it is to properly and authentically represent. (I still cannot believe she is the first female Black athlete to be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated SI, how is this possible? Especially when there was Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Simone Biles, Lisa Leslie, Laila Ali and the list goes on. Appalling I know, but okay…we learn and grow and change, but am I the only one wondering this?)

I put on this documentary and the next thing you know, I finished it in one sitting, back-to-back, no intermission.

You do not have to know or love the game of tennis. If you are into the human spirit and learning from others, that alone is enough to watch it. People are afraid of change and do not embrace or like it, therefore, when someone speaks up or goes against the norm in your company, school, organization, etc., some simply cannot handle it, because they do not like it. Being uncomfortable is very challenging.

It usually comes down to that person doing their own self-work, I have learned because it comes from another place than what is being presented. It is always deeper rooted and usually stems from something in their past. Anyhow, I love that she is using her voice and her platform in the way she feels more comfortable serving it. There is more to her and we see and learn some of that here. Truly enjoyable.

Watch it tonight as it is limited time: Naomi Osaka on Netflix. Olivier Rousteing is such a special, rare, and gifted being. I have loved and appreciated designers, style, and fashion all my life. Literally. Some designers were more magical and human to me and he is one of them.  I appreciate stars. Not people chasing fame or having to be famous. Stars. The ones that do not have to work at it. This has been all my life, even before marrying the man that helps create stars. They do what they do, and naturally, they shine while doing it. They have more than the spark.

I loved and respected Olivier when he first came to start designing for Balmain around 2010ish-2011ish. I would call my friend and say how cute he is and rave rave rave about his talent. He has such talent beyond and to be so gifted and blessed to use that energy at a young age when most people during their twenties are trying to find their thing, their passion turned me on. I know I was indeed unsure in my twenties. It took me more than my twenties to figure it out. I am all about the spirit of people. I always see beyond what is portrayed on the physical and I really liked this because it came from spirit.

Anyway, when I first saw him and what he was doing, I was like, “Who is he? Because he is super cute, beyond talented and creative and his brain is captivating me.” This film is so touching, raw, honest, and truly appreciated. Without revealing much, I know he is going to find his mother. Olivier, keep the faith, vision, and believe! Put this documentary on and have tissue on hand in case. Not sure how many times I cried, but it takes you there. As a mother, once a child and full of compassion, I feel this so deeply. A beautiful and touching documentary filled with love, all heart. Wonder Boy on Netflix.

Try watching these and watch with your heart and mind opened. There is so much love and heart in all of the above-mentioned documentaries. We all like and appreciate different things, and this is what I wanted to share with you that recently touched my spirit.

Let me know what you watched by doing so below.

Much love and gratitude

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Certified in Gut Health

Author of The Thriving Child, Shut Up and Cook!


Erica Reid, Founder of nécessité
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