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Founder Friday: Self-Care around NYC with Erica Reid


I go between east coast living and west coast living. The Libra in me seeks to create a balance as a result. NYC is where I feel the most supported, grounded, rooted, and more. Next to Paris, it is truly who I am and my spirit. I find beauty in both places and I’ve learned to live and be happy in both. It may be challenging sometimes, but I do not give up.  I am grateful to be able to go between the two.

I am all about healing, relaxing, and receiving modalities that can give me some type of mental or physical positivity and feed me on an energetic level that my face scrub does not.

I have been nurturing and pampering myself in the self-love, self-care space since I was a little girl (but did not know that is what it was then), doing my hair, and putting on a good smelling scent before going to bed. My slippers were always next to the bathtub waiting for my feet as I am not one to touch the floor barefoot especially after I just cleaned them.

Not much has changed except I can now explore outside the home and learn new things I try to bring into my own home for myself and possibly for others, or to even share with you here. Anyone that knows me, they know that I am also a sharing spirit. I believe in the power of sharing. It is a part of my natural spirit.  I have literally shared with others my clothing and accessories at a spontaneous unexpected moment by taking them off and handing them over to them in an instant. I like to share from the spirit of the heart.

This brings me to share with you here some things you may want to try if you are living in NYC or happen to be in the NYC area anytime.


Want to lounge and do absolutely nothing, but receive the feeling of feeling good and possibly taking a nap? Book your appointment and tell her Erica from nécessité insisted you come experience this little gem. They will give you the best experience with or without mentioning us. Honor your feet for 60 minutes with applied pressure to your feet that correspond to points inside the body and can possibly calm your nervous system and try to get you to that homeostasis zone. It can have a very therapeutic effect.  The therapist rubs from your knees down (depending on what you are wearing) with all focus and attention to the feet. This is not a full body massage, I repeat, this is not a full body massage.

When they are done spending time getting to know a bit of you through your other sole (soul, sole.. get it?) they can share with you what they picked up that may be going on inside of you. For instance, with me, digestion, neck, diaphragm were mentioned and it was exactly what I was dealing with at that time. It is a very intimate place, meaning no phone zone! Honor it. Only 2 people at the same time can share this experience. I like to book it for a friend and me and we just indulge in our moment of feeling good together. It makes a great gift for anyone. After all, we all walk daily, so honor your feet with much gratitude.

I do not recommend it if you are pregnant with a child, as this can stimulate your ovaries. Regardless, please be sure to speak with your healthcare practitioner and the masseuse prior to booking an appointment to determine what may be best for you and your health.  If you have allergies to ingredients that may be found in creams, oils, and lotions, be sure to make it known ahead of time. 

Perry Street Reflexology

77 Perry Street


Muscle Testing

I first had muscle testing performed on me in the 90s and it was mind-blowing.  Yes, of course, it was foreign to me the first time I received it. I was second-guessing this like, “Yeah right, this is not going to work or do anything.” It was so odd to me because I had never seen it or heard of it. I was open-minded, but skeptical too.  Fast forward over 20 years later and I still do it and have exposed my children to it too. If I did not reap benefits, I would not share anything, but because I have, I must share to possibly guide you in a way you may be needing but did not know you were in need of it.

I do not purely rely on muscle testing alone. I also incorporate what works for me from using an integral approach and pulling from different modalities that speak and work for me. I have reaped great benefits in doing so. Try it if you never have done so and remember, always ask questions beforehand and share with your trusted health care practitioner what supplements you are on. You must use your own voice for your own health. 

Healing Arts Center

315 Madison Avenue

New York City

866.585.5999 Schedule with Dr. Armistead Tell them Erica from nécessité referred you


I started doing Reiki over 20 years ago as well. My journey to achieving and desiring great health started right after college.   I had heard so much about reiki, but I never did it. The first time I tried this I felt calm, a sense of serenity and relief. I had it at a spa and it was divine.

Over the years, I have had different forms of reiki. I have had it over the phone, but also in person, which is my main way and preference in receiving it.   Some Reiki therapists put their hands on me and some don’t touch me at all. Either way, it all is a dose of energy I am receiving. I learned in order to receive reiki and any healing modality, I must be open to receiving it.  I started introducing my children to reiki when they were 3 and 5 years of age.  I had someone come to the home and give it to them right before bed.

They would transition from the massage table to their own beds. They were so calm, relaxed, and ready for sweet dreams. I always saw and felt the difference in them with and without reiki. It really can be great when received by someone that is very in tune and aware and a true reiki person. I have used the same person for over the past 15 years in NYC. She comes to the home and has such a great awareness to her. One day I went to receive Reiki out of the home. I found a sweet woman who has been helping patients in the hospital. If you are looking to go to someone in person and want to try reiki, please try and have your own experience with Sara.


I hope you’ll try something if you’re in the NYC area to nurture yourself, emotionally, to your spirit, mind, body, and soul.  I have discovered nourishment to all of my being is so vital and important to receive anything in and from life.

Please tell me below have you ever tried any of the above?

Much love and gratitude

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Certified in Gut Health

Author of The Thriving Child, Shut Up and Cook!


Erica Reid, Founder of nécessité
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