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Last Call for Summer Produce


Dear nécessité,

I cannot believe we are in the last days of summer for 2021. Can you? How was your summer? Tell me one thing that you did or learned this summer? One thing that I did, I was able to spend quality time with my Mother, Sister, and Dad. This was such a blessing because we had not seen each other in the physically connected world with a human touch since the global shift occurred, so that was extra beautiful for me. I learned how to play Chinese Checkers. I am obsessed! It was always backgammon backgammon backgammon, now, hello Chinese Checkers.  

My mother taught me how to play this past summer and while it took me a minute to grasp it, I finally got the hang of the game and I am pretty decent I think. Not great, but if you have the game and want to play, I am all in. My summer (and prior too) was all about healing, juicing, self-love, self-care on another level. Oh wait, can I add in another thing I learned, to surrender! TO LET GO…..shook me to my core and got me on my knees to learn this and boy did I learn it and I practice it and apply it daily (I try), more so when I am mindful and present that is…when I am being reactive, forget it. But remember from our last chit-chat recently I said I was learning to not be reactive…Oh, that’s something I learned too not to be reactive…Ok, tell me, what about you?

Can you believe summer 2021 is almost in the past? I cannot believe it myself. I love summer produce. Going to the farmer’s markets and healthy grocery stores and seeing all the vibrancy of beautiful colors of fruit and vegetables. I feel like this summer the produce was simply extra gorgeous since less pollution during planting season.

This is your friendly reminder. Load up on those summer seasonal fruit and vegetables before they are no longer in season. (think no white shoes after Labor Day; as they used to say back in the day, I wear my whites year-round).

Some goodies that I am getting in before the change of season is dragon fruit, (one of my favorites for smoothies in the summer, the frozen pack, I shared this favorite recipe with you before, you can put in dragon fruit in our search bar to see it again) cherries, grapes (I love freezing green grapes before eating them) and Papaya. I so appreciate a ripe and delicious Papaya. That was one of my healing foods this summer. I ate it for the benefits of the enzymes it provides. Papaya is known to help aid us with digestion and assimilate our food. I was in serious need of this all of summer and I did receive the benefits. Tomatoes, Zucchini, Cucumbers before the season changes.

Why eat for the season you may be wondering? Because fruits and vegetables grow and offer us their best during their best. More vital nutrients and more delicious flavor they offer us when the energy and love of the soil, sun, and rain are provided to the vegetables and fruits in their specific season. They receive and we receive, they perform and we perform. Therefore, gratitude is important here too!

Here is a fresh and very satisfying recipe I share with you from my last book; Shut Up and Cook! in case you want to make a nice fruit bowl this weekend as a snack, side-dish, or even for a dessert. The beauty in fruit is, it is full of what we require. (Unless you are allergic/sensitive or restricted for whatever reason).

Give thanks, be grateful and enjoy it!

Much love and gratitude,

You are a nécessité!

Much love and gratitude,

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Certified in Gut Health

Author of The Thriving Child, Shut Up and Cook!



Erica Reid, Founder of nécessité
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