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Founder Friday: Nurture and Boost your Lymphatic System 


Dear nécessité,

Happy Fall. How was your week? Mine was great. I am stronger and so appreciative of each day presented. I am super grateful for today and all my yesterdays. I am currently working on learning to use my time more efficiently, so if you have any suggestions, please share them with me. I can use your help.

Lately, I have been working more on my health and overall well-being by creating the goal of achieving pure, honest wellness and experiencing optimal health. One way I have been doing so is by making sure my lymph system is active. Sometimes we get reminders to not only pay more attention but to be more grateful for all that we have inside our bodies, like our blood, cells, glands, organs, veins, systems, nervous systems, fluids, etc.

I was inspired more so by one of our lovely nécessité village supporters, so I decided to write about this subject for you. They sent a lovely message regarding the colon article I wrote, and they mentioned lymph work in their note that I truly appreciated. It made me smile and warmed my insides. I was so honored they took the time to write and share their journey with me and was so touched. Thank you again “M” for sharing.

What is the lymph system you may be asking? Yes, it is ok to ask. Trust me, I did not know at many points in my life either. I started hearing more about it around 15 years ago. I was referred to a lovely woman in New York City who has done amazing lymphatic drainage massage work on me for the last decade. I mean amazing. Let me say it again, amazing.  She is probably more than amazing…She trains a lot of people in the movie industry when they must take on certain roles where say their character must be a massage therapist or rub someone like this or like that…she does that too! I know, can you imagine getting a massage repeatedly while shooting a movie? Cut, let’s do that again! Cut. Again! And again, and again! 

I love and so appreciate a great massage.  It is meditative for me.  Have you ever had one?  I do not– I repeat–do not let just anyone work on my body. It is like my face; I won’t let anyone give me a facial (which I get maybe once every few years) and I will not let just anyone give me a massage. I do not care how great they are. Our bodies are so smart, special, fragile, and delicate, but strong and very powerful. I am very selective in this area too. I’ll travel to a resort and choose not to get the massages. (Well, not that kind of traveling right now).  Okay, let me stay on course. I get so excited and comfortable because I love talking to you!

Where were we? Oh yes, Lymphatic. Our lymphatic system is what helps drain the fluid/toxins out of our systems. This is partly why it is very important to keep the body moving — to keep the flow flowing and not let it get stuck or stagnant. When it gets stuck, the poison can start to build-up and wreak havoc, which can turn to illness and disease. It is up to us to keep the lymphatic system active and moving. It depends on us, and it is up to us based on the choices that we make with our food intake and our ways of eating, exercise, and lifestyle. Of course, lymphatic drainage massages can assist in keeping it moving. My angel massage therapist in NYC who specializes in lymph work knows when I am having a challenging moment in life and always reminds me to keep moving my body. Our lymph system also helps us (well, our bodies) steer away from infection by producing some of our great white blood cells. We need them. This is part of the reason why some doctors check our white blood count at times. The markers inform them if an infection is present or not inside the body, and possibly how much. Very important. Our nodes ought to stay unclogged.

Our lymph system is like many of our organs in that it never stops working. Our heart does not depend on us to keep it pumping, it was created to pump constantly for us. Our lymphatic system, however, is where we must help produce the pump. What we do or do not do depends on the pump, the flow, the push. We have a lot of fluid inside of us. There is a continuous flow of fluid circulating throughout our system to help omit some viruses, toxins, and bacteria from our system. Our job is to be sure it keeps flowing properly.

Our beautiful bodies have two systems that are strongly impacted by our lymphatic system, our digestion system, and our circulatory system. Are you surprised?  Healthy well-being is crucial to enjoying the blessings of life. See how much our gut plays a role in our day-to-day life?

Here are some things I try to do to help keep my system healthy, well-balanced and flowing that you may find helpful. If you are unsure if you can embark on anything below, always seek professional advice from your trusted health practitioner.

Foods to eat to help boost your Lymphatic System


Get as much organic as you can afford to buy. If you cannot get everything organic, get the nutrients, minerals, vitamins, micronutrients organic from all your fresh fruit and vegetables. It may seem like it does not matter, but the toxins from the pesticides and herbicides sprayed on your produce will remain after you digest them and stay in your system where they’ll accumulate over time and you end up having a heavy toxic load going on inside that desperately needs to be evacuated at some point. Avoid being forced because it can be serious if it gets to this point and far from fun. 


Get those green leafy veggies in.  I know we hear it all the time, but it is for health reasons. They really can help make a positive, healthy impact. The chlorophyll from mustard greens, kale and broccoli, and dandelion can be beneficial. I eat some now for breakfast on sporadic given days to increase my intake and to get that insoluble fiber.

Sea Vegetables

They’re great to help the body detox. Also, they’re a good source of iodine (dulse and kelp, but do not overdo it especially if you have thyroid issues or concerns, depending on if hypo/hyper). I like cooking with and consuming nori, kombu, arame, and wakame.


It has been around longer than you and I combined. It is great to help reduce inflammation in the body. I am a strong believer and reaper of the health benefits from this superfood.


Cousins with turmeric, this root may help aid in digestion.  It’s known to be helpful for nausea too. It can also promote blood flow to the digestive tract, which I know I can also use.


You know me and water.  Pure, clean H20. Untainted. Colorless. It helps keep the flow flowing and the lymph system hydrated and the colon moving in the right direction to help release easily and daily.

Cost-efficient Health tips to boost your Lymphatic System

Dry Brushing

This can help get it all moving around and is great to keep the circulatory system flowing too. Dry brush upward and avoid going over the heart. There’s also no need to do the same area stroked over and over again.

Esker Beauty

Dry Brush

Buy Now


These practices can be free if you get lessons from TV, online options, and/or books versus going to classes. This form of exercise not only works the mind and body, but the flow of movements provides blood flow throughout the body. Get the lymph system moving as my dear massage therapist says all the time to me. I love that woman!


Totally free if you do it in your home and pick up the pace. Walk a little briskly in your apartment or house room to room, not aggressively, just pick up the tempo a bit. Go outside in your neighborhood and walk in a safe manner and area and enjoy the nature you are surrounded by. Be gentle with yourself. You do not have to speed walk to get your system moving. Just walk. Walk. Walk.

Side note: I wonder how the people in NYC’s lymphatic system are compared to those in Atlanta? A walking pedestrian city where you walk constantly and are moving and in Atlanta where it is the complete opposite. What do you think?

 I know there is so much that we can learn to improve ourselves in achieving our optimal health. I am a student not only of life but a student of healthy health as well. We only get one time around in this body.

Staying healthy is a commitment, an investment. I look at it like this, what are you not worth? In my book, you are a nécessité!

Just like “M,” I would love to hear from you too. You can email me at or leave a comment below and start a conversation. Do not be shy or nervous, this is where we come to support and learn to be able to grow. Thank you for your time.

 I appreciate you so much. Let’s get to moving.

 Much love and gratitude,

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Certified in Gut Health

Author of The Thriving Child, Shut Up and Cook!





Erica Reid, Founder of nécessité
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