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Founder Friday: Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dear nécessité,

I MISSED YOU! Wishing you a hopeful, healthy, and healing 2022! It’s time to move forward. We cannot carry yesterday with us today. Honor it and then kiss it bye-bye. How are you feeling? As for me, I am hanging in there. Time is flying. The holidays came and went.

I know that mentally, I am working extra to help myself stay together. It is easy to shift the other way and it takes work to stay pulled in the right direction. I do understand how we can slip and go the other way, but we must keep feeding ourselves well both mentally and physically. It is work. But we are a nécessité.

This weekend, I am honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. please honor him with me.  

I am so grateful to this loving man for fighting for justice and making it possible for me to have my family, friends, things, and you in my life today.  He made that possible and I say thank you for that. nécessité is even possible because of his fight, so as I always say, thank you!

When I lived in Atlanta for college, it was so important for me to learn more about the history of the civil rights movement. It felt great to experience it firsthand and not in a textbook. In all my schools growing up, real Black history was not mentioned or properly taught. Sad, but true. It never made sense to me.  But in Atlanta, during college, that all changed.

I went on a mission to educate myself and to go out to learn more. It was so incredible. I felt so great, free, included, and cared for, not like an outcast or a minority. I went to the restaurants that were frequented by not only Dr. King, but by Ralph David Abernathy, and Julian Bond. These restaurants were famous in Atlanta such as — Paschal. 

I walked the streets of Auburn Avenue, Edgewood and went with my grandfather (who attended Morehouse College and his brother -my uncle was friends and an activist with Dr. King Jr). to Ebenezer Church. 

One thing that was extremely special was going to tour the birth house of Dr. King. I loved that moment as well. To be able to walk around in the home of the man that made the world come together is rather special. I have never done that for anyone else and I have met many incredible individuals.

This weekend, let’s continue to give thanks and gratitude and look around because it was all made possible by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Thank you, Dr. King.

You are a nécessité.

Much love and gratitude,

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Certified in Gut Health

Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition Certification T.Colin Campbell for Nutrition Studies

Author of The Thriving Child, Shut Up and Cook!


Erica Reid, Founder of nécessité
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