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Founder Friday: Self-Help during Challenging Moments with Erica Reid

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Dear nécessité,

Happy March. Happy Day. How are you doing? Be proud; we are pushing forward, feeling great, and focusing on staying positive. I know life can present us with so many lessons, challenges. Much growing pains too. We must continue to hang in there. Stay on the positive train. Keep our minds strong and healthy and on the right track. I do know firsthand how it can be easy to go astray. The pressures of life, the sad, heavy news, can weigh on us and weigh us down differently. Please turn it off!

I often get asked what I do to help myself when faced with challenges. Recently I was speaking with someone that wanted help. I thought it was a good time to share with you some tools I grabbed from my inner toolbox to support me mentally and physically and, of course, to nurture my spirit. I offer myself things that will sustain me daily. That is important to me. I work to create the environment I am requiring. Of course, each situation is different and requires me to dig in my inner toolbox for different tools. Here I share with you what I find support and faith in right now as we navigate through today’s times of the world.

Inner Tools


Praying is something I truly believe in and what I do daily. I make it an appointment to spend time with my fuel and source, GOD.


Crying for me is a form of release. If I am holding something in and the tears come, it releases, and I allow it. It is a great spiritual wash I found.


Laughing is such great medicine. Someone that has helped in our home for years to this day reminds me to laugh. I never realized the healing benefits of laughing until I looked at myself in the mirror and just laughed. It’s such a great release. Try it. Yes, you may feel silly but try it. Lay in the bed and laugh.


Tap into the emotions, the anger, the sadness, and release it


Sit still. So many people will say this is how to meditate. The mind knows how to be still if you create stillness. Just be….

Bath time:

A warm bath is relaxing. A magnesium bath or any bath before bed is calming, comfortable, and soothing. It helps transition to bed. 


Call your quality friends. Ask how they are and share how you are. Human connection is a nécessité and so vital for mental health.


I delete the news apps off my phone, and I make no notifications for them. Therefore, I do not watch the news.

Be humble:

I honor others’ opinions. I honor and respect myselfI stay rooted and grounded by staying honest.

Be nice, be kind:

I release, so I am not full of rage and anger. I smile at people. I acknowledge others, saying hi when walking or passing another human. I offer myself to serve others. I make sacrifices for myself to help others. Anger is poison, and I do not want to be poison. It is harmful. I keep a good attitude.


Go outside and connect with nature. Appreciate and give Gratitude to Mother Earth. Walk-in silence, not with digital anything in the ears. Give thanks. Smell the roses and the scent of the season.

Social Media:

I am verified by GOD, by my family and friends. I do not require a colored check for a certain number of followers. I shut it down. I stay in my business and my truth and do not get caught up.


Taking in deep breathes and exhaling deep breaths is important to me. I like to get in oxygen, circulate stale air, release it, and calm the nervous system. Just breathe right now. Go.


I give thanks for big and small items. I write things down that I am grateful for.

Pull out some of your inner tools. You, too, have that inner toolbox. Dig in, and do not be afraid. Steps are better than no steps. Get what you need for yourself. If you do not take care of yourself first and support yourself, who will? Thank you for sharing your time. You mean a lot to me.

Keep shinning and moving forward. Pray for Ukraine and pray for peace in the world for us all.

Have a great weekend and enjoy it.

Much love & Gratitude,

Erica Reid, Founder of nécessité
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