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3 Ways To Make A Living Space That Supports Your Inner Self 

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Curating your living setup into the ultimate, restorative-worthy haven is at the heart of self-care practices that help you connect with and nourish your inner being. By treating your home as the refuge where you can genuinely soften, rejuvenate, and unwind, you are taking a pivotal step toward your overall sense of mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being.

From color, texture, and light to sensory-soothing decor, furniture, and aesthetics, choosing the right elements that resonate with you is a unique, creative endeavor and an impactful act of self-awareness and self-love.

However, creating a feel-good space in today’s frantic world seems to be more critical than ever. Whether it is fleeing from the stress of work or life’s hectic heartaches, we must take the time to look inward and thoughtfully devise a well-designed abode that allows us to recharge and not deplete or drain our precious energy resources. Below are three practical ideas to help you transform and revamp your home into a soothing, fully balanced atmosphere no matter your lifestyle or daily rhythms.

Bring Nature In

Indoor water fountains and houseplants are two great examples of bringing the outside in to instill a deep-grounded sense of tranquility. By establishing this type of relationship to nature, you are inducing a breath of fresh air into your space with a boost of physiological and psychological health benefits too! 

A study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology (2015) suggested that plants in your living space have the potential to make you feel more comfortable, soothed, and natural. The stress-reducing effects of interacting with indoor foliage plants were thought to positively affect the autonomic nervous system by suppressing sympathetic activity compared with mental work. In short, researchers inferred that making plants a part of our day-to-day interactions could reduce both physiological and psychological stress responses at large.

Soothe The Senses

Embracing and filling your space with sensory-pacifying items is a go-to means to environmental bliss. For example, candles or diffusers fused with a breadth of essential oils (think, lavender or sandalwood) can add an incredible layer of ease to your living sanctuary to help you restore inner peace and quietude. 

Beyond scents, there are a plethora of other sensory-based elements you can explore and incorporate to support your heavenly-designed living retreat. Color, texture, tactile-friendly furniture, flooring, auditory stimulation, lighting, and even organization are some of the many details you can play with to inspire a sensory-stimulating space.

Keep Clutter At Bay

Tagging off the previous point, organization and leading a clutter-free lifestyle are major mental, emotional, and physical wellness pillars. As the saying suggests, “your home is a reflection of your subconscious mind,” which means that the more uncluttered your surroundings, the more harmonious inner life you will experience and maintain. 

Begin by tidying away anything you don’t need or sparks delight in your current life scenario, but make sure to make this a low-stress, fun process. And remember that perfection is not the end goal because no two individualized, intentionally crafted living spaces are the same. So instead, focus on what you honestly need to release, let go of, or retain to give life to your divinely unique sanctum.


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