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Taking Care Of Your Mental Health At Work


We live in a pivotal time where the shift around mental health at work dialogues and leadership is clear and crucial. Keeping our minds in top shape as we navigate our personal and professional lives has been redefined, to say the least; it has also become paramount to our overall well-being, particularly within the last two years.

However, when it comes to understanding the course of mental health success in the workplace, myriad factors come into play to cultivate a sustainable, beneficial work environment for all ⸺one that acknowledges and supports individuals’ neurological and emotional variety and strengthens the tie in the workplace culture thoroughly. 

Companies could lead by taking a more holistic approach to the company’s impact on people’s health and destigmatizing mental health as an issue. And because human potential is one of the most valuable assets in today’s global network, creating wellness solutions designed to help both employees and employers thrive is a fundamental step to reaching our highest social possibility as a whole. 

Moreover, mental health should be a collective priority designed to upgrade and stimulate every other aspect of our human lives beyond being just an individual challenge. Keeping good mental health entails acquiring the psychological and emotional tools to empathize with others, boost resilience, cope with life’s daily stressors, communicate openly and clearly, work productively, and contribute to others in meaningful ways, among others. 

According to Shona Waters, Ph.D., BetterUp’s Vice President of Alliance Solutions, here are a few things that outline mental health at large:

  • Mental wellness helps in managing stress
  • Mental health is more than the lack of mental illness
  • Without mental health, there is no physical health
  • Human performance and mental health conjointly
  • Workplace health should be of utmost importance

We all strive to move through life with ease, adaptability, and resilience, so caring for our mental well-being is key to elevating how we engage with, react, and digest life’s inevitable ups and downs and challenges alike. Thus, daily opting for proactive actions that help us enhance and sustain our mental well-being is at the heart of our flourishing. Below are four effortless, accessible ways to look after our mental health at work and over.

  1. Eating well: A cornerstone to any self-care routine, eating wholesome, nutritious foods gives us the fuel to blossom and develop positive mental health.
  2. Getting sufficient, quality sleep: Having good sleep hygiene does wonders to almost, if not all, our human systems and functioning. From developing a nightly routine to practicing mindfulness, there are multiple ways we can ensure getting adequate, brain-restoring sleep.
  3. Relaxing and unwinding: What do mind-body practices such as breathing, yoga, or journaling have in common? They soothe us from the inside out, shifting our attention within, and consciously creating space to tap into our true essence.  
  4. Connecting with others: Socializing and sharing our humanness is central to our mental wellness, whether through face-to-face interactions or an online date with a loved one. Also, reaching out for professional help when needed is imperative to improving our health, so do not be ashamed to contact your primary healthcare provider if your mental health is in distress.

Now more than ever, tending to our mental health is indispensable. With enough self-awareness, understanding, support, and curiosity, we can encourage fruitful mental health practices to help us prosper personally and professionally and provide the support required to assist others in advancing too.

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