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3 Quick & Efficient Ways To Say Dark Eye Circles Goodbye!

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Whether genetics, full-blown fatigue, dehydration, seasonal allergies, hyperpigmentation, or sun exposure, getting rid of that under-eye-area penumbra is never a one-size-fits-all approach. Indeed, the most compelling method to kiss dark eye circles goodbye and boost our glow will depend on addressing its underlying cause and choosing the best brightening remedies wisely and consciously.

Keep on reading to learn a bit more about what causes these dark eye circles in the first place and some everyday, at-home quests to fight them off.

Is It Exhaustion?

Contrary to popular belief, sleep deprivation isn’t the main reason for those tired-looking, shadowy eyes. Instead, they are a tell-tale manifestation of multiple causes varying from high stress living to poor circulation, anemia, eyestrain, aging, and environmental factors, to name a few. 

However, one common cause related to our modern digital era is the time spent staring at a screen overall (not surprisingly!). Because the more stress we rack up watching a screen, the more strain we cause on the blood vessels around our eyes, possibly making them more prominent, baggier, and opaquer. 

Can Food and Lifestyle Practices Help?

Absolutely! In fact, these two crucial areas of our lives are a great, promising place to start our dark-eye wellness journey. When it comes to dietary preferences, following a wholesome, anti-inflammatory regime of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean protein, healthy fats, and whole grains is at the heart of promoting and sustaining radiant skin health at large. And needless to say, smoking is always a big no-no.

Sunscreen Is Key

To keep hyperpigmentation at bay, we ought to get into the habit of applying sunscreen daily and continually throughout the day. Try reaching out for a UVA and UVB-packed, broad-spectrum sunscreen for the most effective coverage. 

Bring On The Cucumbers!

Cucumbers’ high-water, vitamin K content makes them a good swelling-reducing alternative to the under-eye area, especially if you are in the mood for a mini spa-inspired moment. 

Likewise, soaking with caffeine-containing tea bags is a practical option for stimulating blood circulation, lowering liquid buildup, and lessening blood vessel puffiness around the eyes. Chill the bags for a few moments before placing them on each eye for fresher, sunny-looking results.

Conceal, But Go Lightly

Thankfully, we can always opt for makeup magic (hello concealer, primer, and foundation) to remove dark eye circles and color correct them in an instant. Although a temporary, handy resource, makeup can go a long way! Try using a light touch of the right tone instead of going full-out with coverage for a more impactful outcome.

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